Sunday, March 09, 2008

Spreading the word.

Here is an interesting idea: generate viral emails to spread the word. Say you come across an valuable article such as the video below showing the Armenian police killing the protesters, or the Samizdat issues. You can send an email to you friends with the link, or in case of an article, the whole text, and ask them to send it to their friends as well.

This way, we can spread the news quickly among people who care about freedom and keep them informed before the Armenian government manages to shut down or block the source.

But please use discretion - we do not want to resemble spam. Do not send more than one or two emails a day. And if someone objects receiving these emails, please stop sending it to them.

As a first step, the US audience of this blog can send an I-Report to CNN about the police brutality video below. Here is a suggested narrative:

Dear CNN,

a few days ago you reported about the clashes of the police force in Armenia with the opposition protesters during which 8 civilians died. Now a video has surfaced that shows the Armenian police opening fire on the protesters even though the prosecutors office has denied it. I think the video is of interest to spread the truth about what happened. As you may know, the Armenian government has cracked down on independent media and has blocked a number of websites including YouTube.

When you broadcast a report about this video, you will help reach an audience starved for information.

Here are a few links to the video in case the hackers from the Armenian security services manage to bring down some of them by the time you read this message:

Thank you.


Your Name
The link to CNN I-Report is:

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