Friday, March 21, 2008

Sample letter to ANCA, AAA or other American-Armenian organizations

Teach them a lesson. The more people send emails like this, the more responsible they will become. With a little bit of pressure they will change their tune and actually start helping make Armenia a normal country.

Dear ANCA (or another organization),

I do not approve your stance on the recent events in Armenia and your tolerance for falsified elections and your support for the actions of the Kocharian-Sargsian administration. You never condemned the way the elections were conducted and the violent crackdown of the protests on March 1, 2008. You never offered your condolences to the civilians killed by the security forces of Armenia.

Please remove me from your email distribution and regular mailing list as I do not wish to receive any more communication from you.

Thank you.


Your Name


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Obama Barackian said...

Dear ANCA (or another organization),

I do not approve of the recent events in Armenia, but am thankful for your not getting dragged into the attempt to split our nation. We have endured enough in the Diaspora during the church split, the personal egos and bad leadership in Armenia and the Diaspora.

I applaud your recognizing that the only likely outcome from these events is unnecessary disillusionment in the state of Armenia, which now needs all Armenians worldwide to encourage it to move toward a healthier democratic Armenia of all our dreams.

Please add me from your email distribution and regular mailing list as I look forward to receiving more communication from you.

Anonymous said...

barack obama
it is the right of the people of Armenia to elect their own ruler and have a say in the way their country is ruled, if you chose to back Obama (by being the same naive diaspora armenianfor the 100th that hopes to hear the G word from USA's prez) then why u deny the same right for your fellow armenians in RA?
Splitting the nation can be attributed to the authorities, as a honest and patriotic ruler must not forge elections and force himself upon a people who with a 80% rate doesnot like him (even hate him) ...ANCA, or AAA, AGBU or whatever wussy organizations there are, if your mission is to pursue only this 100 year old genocide story (who needs it anyway? will it give us back our land and homeland?) and ignore the true interests of the armenian nation, then I don't approve you and I don't need your news and useless communication, please, only committed organizations to contact me...delist me and thank you