Friday, March 14, 2008

A hayrenadardz Armenian's view on the current events.

I agree that this is a turning point in the Armenian history very much like the 1988 was. I don't know about the 'interesting times' but I can say that these are stressful times to say the least. Nowhere in my wildest dreams I would have imagined me disseminating samizdat, videos and all sorts of information. I was hoping the Armenian media would come online so that I could get a break but no such luck.
Interesting times
by Raffi N. at

The March 1 incidents will go down as a turning point in Modern Armenian History. The clashes between peaceful demonstrators and police/military/special units and later "hooligans" which led to the call for an all out siege of the country by its government with a State of Emergency, will be remembered as First Day of a New Armenia.

Now what this New Armenia has in store for us is the real question. Armenians in the Republic and its Diaspora are more and more divided. To be honest, we have never been a united people (I am referring to ancient historic times up to recent politics).

See the following links as an example of what I mean:

I am able to write this message since the President of the Republic of Armenia lifted the ban on information sharing. However, I want to remind the readers that journalists in Armenia are hesitant to go all out for fear of repercussions in future "state of emergency" cases. So read EVERYTHING (pro or con) with that notion in mind.

the worst censorship is the media censorship!

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