Friday, March 21, 2008

Some sites unblocked, political prisoners formally sentenced.

Haikakan Jamanak, A1 Plus, Hayq domains are available again. I hope that they will now drop their .am extensions and switch to .com extension. That way they will be safe from the dirty tactics of KGB. Luckily, we had volunteers like and bloggers such as this one picked up the job of disseminating the Samizdat news.

I would suggest the others to boycott the .am domains as well. The trustees sat back and allowed the KGB walk all over them. Boycotting them will actually be good for them - hopefully they will grow a spine and stand up for their legal rights. If we do nothing, they will remain the same cowards.

Also, the state has started sentencing the political prisoners. Hetq reports that an official from Levon Ter-Petrosian's campaign in Shirak has been sentenced to seven years. This is obviously a political move and hopefully the 100+ expected political prisoners will be set free soon. I just hope that it will not be because of 'changes in the political situation ' (if you remember, that was the reason why Vahan Hovhannisian was set free in 1998). I hope there will be a new trial and the court will determine whether they were guilty or not.

But for that, there needs to be an independent justice system. The amount of necessary reforms needed is staggering in Armenia. There is only one solution for that:

The Kocharian-Sargsian-Baghdasarian criminal trio must leave.

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Anonymous said...

The population of Armenia is less than 2 million and instead of being kind to each other and help each other and learn at least one lesson from 1915 genocide the government tortures and imprisons innocent people to keep his people fat. Learn from Jewish people; they help each other; they do not become enemy of each other.
shame to present government.