Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The need to cleanse the system

The ruling regime has completely discredited the principal entities of the Armenian state.

- the law enforcement is discredited; they did not shine with their discipline before as they are perhaps the number three corrupt state structure in Armenia. People did not like them and avoided them at all cost. Now that they have committed brutal acts of killing civilians, I do not see a single civilian supporting these people any time soon.

- the prosecution is discredited; these people are the number two corrupt entity in the state structure. Nobody trusts them and they will especially not trust them after hundreds of people have been arrested and charged with politically motivated crimes.

- the court system is discredited; this system is tied with the prosecution in its corruptness. They have proven, by the example of its highest instance, the Constitutional Court, they they are far from being just.

- the army is discredited; they were brought in to attack the civilians. The army's job is to attack and defend the country from enemies. They have no job of interfering in civilian life. I do not know how demoralizing this is for the privates in the army. But I know that for me it is very difficult to feel pride in the army any more.

It is clear that the Robert Kocharian / Serj Sargsian / Artur Baghdasarian trio is a tragedy for the Armenian state. They are endangering the very existence of Armenia by their reckless actions. They have corrupted the basic foundations of the country.

If they do not go away very soon, we may lose Armenia.

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