Friday, March 21, 2008

Violence continues in Armenia.

A policeman threatening female civilians with a truncheon and electric shock device. (AP Photo/Photolure, Mkhitar Khachatryan) .(AP Photo/Photolure, Mkhitar Khachatryan)

The participants of the silent march commemorating the fallen heroes on March 1, 2008 were attacked by the police. Some participants were beaten up with truncheons.

Fortunately, the cops didn't kill anyone this time.

Update: Radio Liberty has a story on this.
Update: BBC coverage.

The demonstrators lit candles and held pictures of the more than 100 activists who were arrested after clashes with police on 1 March left eight dead.

Fighting erupted when officers tried to end a protest against the result of last month's presidential election.

Update: An A1Plus video on YouTube:


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Inessa Petrosian, another lawyer, represents three other detainees included on the list. One of those detainees, Ashot Manukian, heads the HHSh chapter in the northern Lori region. Petrosian said all three men were badly beaten during their arrest but were not tortured in jail.