Friday, September 30, 2011

The latest in brown nosing.

Homo-Soveticus have genetically been bred to be brown nosers. If they didn't suck up to the party people during the Soviet years, they might end up without a lucrative job that came with a secretary. So, through this unnatural selection, sucking up became a normal and acceptable behavior.

The independence was supposed to clean that up. However, the degradation of the society in the past 10-12 years has brought these people to the forefront.

The latest example can be found hung on the wall of the Armenian Union of Painters as part of an exhibition marking the 20 years since the declaration of independence. 

Pay a particular attention to the flying Sasunci Davit, the Tzovic-Tzov waves under Ararat, the rays of sun illuminating Serj's forehead and his white necktie.

Savior of Armenia Serjik Sargsyan