Sunday, April 13, 2008

Documenting what happened.

Here is a five part documentary chronicling the events that preceded March 1, the events of March 1 and later.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Part 4.

Part 5.


Anonymous said...

the english translation of this film will be available on youtube later today-- it would be great if you could post that as well. (I don't mean to be anonymous, but I'm blog-illiterate and I can't figure out how else to post a comment). Melissa

Anonymous said...

reports are coming from PACE that 28 people were actually killed...?

Haik said...

according to the "offical" sources today teh 10th person died, a 29 years old civilian. He had a deep gunshot wound.
I am sure the number is higher than the initial 8. 3 people were only killed right next to a person that I know very well. If you look at the odds, the chaos, the darkness, the number of fired bullets 3 persons being shot in a single location is enough to prove that the 8 is a very small number.
There are numeriouse cases when the relatives of the victimes were forced to sign under papers that declaired that the death were due to natural causes.
The numbers have little to do. The officials who attacked the people should be brought to justice for a single beating. Instead people who helped the victimes of the State repressions were imprisoned.

Even an EU led investigation wont open up the full thing because the key people like doctors, the emergency staff at hospitals will fear to give open testimonies.
The only way to get to the bottom of this is the change of the regime.

Anonymous said...

There should be charges brought against the instigators of the events of March 1. At the same time, the riot police who broke any laws should be charged as well.

Anonymous said...

the sun should rise tomorrow morning, but at the same time the sun should set tomorrow evening...WTF

Anonymous said...

>There should be charges brought >against the instigators of the >events of March 1.

I totally agree with you.
The question is who we refer to as "instigators".
People who excercised tehir constitutional right to freedom of assembly and freedom of speech?
Or people who misused their position in the government, and gave the police an illegal order to disperse the manifestation?

Anonymous said...

Hate mongerers cannot hide behind freedom of assembly and speech even in the most advanced of democracies.

The organizers of the March 1 riots got what they were looking for: an armed clash. It is truly sad when 8 or 10 or ? people died because of this hate, as the pro-opposition Armenianow suprisingly put it in an article entitled Internal Bleeding:

I highly recommend reading this.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

anonymous: EXACTLY! thank you! the Turks have been trying to tell the world this forever - those goddammed Hunchaks were asking for trouble and got what they wanted, an armed clash. this is just the same - the victims WERE NOT victims, but instigators. good boy!