Thursday, March 06, 2008

Request for translators.

I am looking for volunteers who would translate the Samizdat issues to English or any other foreign language. If it is not possible to translate the issues in entirety, a summary version would be great. The more we spread the workload among people who care about liberty, the easier it will be for us to make a difference.

If you translate anything, please post it in the comments section for the Samizdat issue it applies to.

Anonymous posts are OK.



Anonymous said...

I'll be happy to do so--Russian-English-Armenia--either way. Just didn't quite understand where do I get the material needed to be translated and where to post it at. Samizdat, where do I find this?
Please give me some directions, links, ets.


Anonymous said...

...OK, so I guess you're talking about (

Now, I saw several articles all in Armenian. How do I know which one of those needs to be translated? Should I post translations as comments?

Vahe, again

nazarian said...


it's an open option. I post the samizdat articles on my blog. Choose whichever article you think has the highest priority and post the translation in the comments.

I want to keep this as free as possible - after all, my fight, ultimately, is not for or against a specific person or group. My fight is for freedoms and rights of the people.

nazarian said...

The samizdat issues are:

Or find the latest editions under the 'Defeat Censorship' group of links on the left side of the log.

Anonymous said...


Keep us posetd about your needs, please. If there is anything you need help with but can't publicize, I'll be happy to help; find me on Facebook if you want (Vahe Hovhannisyan, you'll have to "friend" me first, since it's inaccessible to strangers, search in Columbia network, profile picture is the payqar fists).

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...


Thanks for putting these up. I've translated part of the March 6 issue, about the agent provocateurs. More to come.