Monday, April 07, 2008

Wise words of the day.

I would rather be exposed to the inconveniences attending too much liberty than to those attending too small a degree of it.

- Thomas Jefferson


Ani said...

A special passage for the Diaspora community that supports the ruling regime:

"Accusation will also fall...from the side of the so-called patriots, who sit quietly in their corners, occupied with completely unrelated matters, and stash away small fortunes for themselves, arranging their lives at the expense of others; but as soon as something happens which in their opinion is insulting to the fatherland, if some book appears in which the sometimes bitter truth is told, they rush out of all corners like spiders seeing a fly tangled in their web, and suddenly raise a cry: “But is it good to bring it to light, to proclaim about it? Because all this that’s written here, all this is ours—is that nice? And what will foreigners say? Is it cheery to hear a bad opinion of oneself?” (Gogol “Dead Souls," 1842)

166 years ago and yet precisely true today!

reflective said...

Or is it the same words to those supporting the former regime? ;)

Again, more similar than either side cares to admit...

Anonymous said...

It’s funny how some diaspora Armenians (mostly hateful Tashnags) live in free and democratic countries like USA and cherish and support at the same time, dictatorship in Armenia. This shows how much little their political thinking has evolved since the days of Ottomans...I know the reason for this anti-Levon hysteria is personal and factional; it’s made in Tashnaq backgammon clubs in Diaspora, which along with other fascist ideologies have proven to be poisoning our lives since 1915...

Those naïve and politically immature Diaspora Armenians who still think according to Ottoman 19th century mentality, believe that dictatorship is useful for Armenia, as long as their petty investments in real estare are safe, and they are happy by giving their $10 every year on telethon, and watch their video movies about their last visit to lake Sevan

Those Armenians have never lived in Armenia, and never will, their fathers did not live in Armenia, and neither will their children...but they think they have the moral right to dictate on Hayasdantsi who to chose as their leader and what kind of foreign policy to run..but at the same time they sit and watch how the regime kills, beats and jails its own citizens by the 1000s.

They fail to see that everyone has the right to vote to Levon or Serge or another candidate, they fail to see that Hayasdantsi does not accept the fact that his right to elect was stolen, suppressed, diverted by cheating and forgery, they fail to see that Hayasdantsi doesnot accept the fact that his government continued disrespecting and ignoring his people’s complaints

Well let me tell me you Diaspora Armenians...your patriotism sucks, its fake, self-centered, superficial , u care more about DEAD Armenians 100 years ago than 3 million LIVE Armenians living in Armenia nowadays, shame on you

mayranoush said...

Ani, Thank you for posting this. It is so fitting!

And Reflective, perhaps you have misread the passage because I don't see how it applies to those 'supporting the former regime' as you claim. But I do see how Ani's posting applies to regime apologists who keep telling the oppositiion to 'shut up' for fear of what the odars will say.

Ani said...

Mayranoush, I'm glad you found it pertinent. The whole last chapter of "Dead Souls" part 1 is almost eerily pertinent to 21st-century Armenia, with the gaming of the customs systems, the punishment of the clever, etc.

Reflective, no you didn't read very carefully (or with "reflection") because it talks about the rich ex-pats who are more concerned with picking out pretty wallpaper to cover up all the ugliness in Armenia rather than working to make it a viable country.

The majority of Diasporans (like all those organizations who put out the clueless joint statement) are like a bunch of Geppettos who like their Pinocchio just fine as a puppet and don't want him to become a real boy.

reflective said...

Ani and Mayranoush - beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and likeiwse, the interpretation, or rather the application of this Gogol piece to today's Armenian reality can be interpreted in many ways. Just look at the comments:

anti-Tashnag diatribe, apology for the current administration, how about locals who feld during the last 20 years for various reasons, who now feel the only way to contribute to state-building is to hurl stones once they hear about "something insulting to the fatherland", etc.

I feel that when I find that the leaders of the radical opposition rally people around hate, divisiveness, and seek to destroy (rather than build) might this resonate strongly with Gogol's thoughts himself? This is the bitter truth of the bankrupt ideology that LTP rallied so many around.

You may disagree with my interpretation, but I think there is equal validity in this passage "for the misguided who supported the hate-mongering radical opposition leaders."

And I don't mind these accusations from "so-called patriots."

mayranoush said...

Reflective, I think you should change your name to Repetitive. Whenever you have nothing to say you bring out the same tired arguments about hate rhetoric, etc.

As for your argument that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder'... all I will say is that your attempt at a post-modernist
(re)interpretation is misplaced and unconvincing, but you are of course entitled to your opinion.

Anonymous said...

reflective, u have nothing else to say and repeat other than the words "hate" and "divisive" about your own hate against the opposition and LTP and his followers?? if you base your opinion on top of your instinctive (fear and jealousy)hate then its up to you...

but one word i have to Armenia, there is nothing called "constructive" opposition, that is collaboration (like your tashnag friends are doing now)which strenghten the regime more than it changes it...destrcutive opposition?? yes....1789 revolution was destructive, 1988 was destructive...when u leave in the west u go and vote and participate in the rule and make your "constructive" contribution in a CIVILIZED country ...within law-respecting authorities and political establishment

In has been proven already as a useless method...when government is talking to people with guns, beatings (as electoral and post-electoral sole technology)and utmost negligence...

to be "constructive" in Armenia means to get portfolios and share the heist,and getting rich at the expense of the people, like your leaders Garabedyan, Hovhanisyan, etc...(especially Marzbed Garabedyan)

I am sorry but your attitude is neither patriotic nor of a concerned citizen, but a mixture of hate and ignorance (to ordinary people's mentality, needs and wounds)