Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Another video of police shooting straight at the protesters.

The video contains two shots with tracer bullets. One cannot tell how many shots were fired with regular bullets.

I still cannot comprehend what kind of an animal would shoot at civilians.


Onnik Krikorian said...

Ok, well, I've looked at this video a dozen times now and I still don't know what it is that is meant to be shown here.

I hear noise, yes. Probably gunfire. I see some streaks of light, yes.

However, I also see a few men in civilian clothes walking to and fro on an empty street.

One even stops to pick up something from the ground as if nothing is happening at all.

I don't understand this video and what it is you think it shows. I guess you need to explain it.

nazarian said...

The point of the video is the gunfire - what you called streaks of light. The streaks of light are tracer bullets used by the police on March 1 and 2.

reflective said...

Sensationalist title, no?

Why whip up hysteria? What is the goal here? You hate the authorities, that much is clear.

Actually, given the sensitive nature of the event, the emotions involved, I find titles like this disingenuous and irresponsible. Of course, don't get me wrong - it is your blog and you can call it whatever you want. Is this journalistic integrity?

Other suggestions: "Annihilation of the peaceful population of Armenia" or maybe "Vicious animals slaughtering girls, blind people and grandmothers."

For what it is worth, in any court of law on earth, this wouldn't amount to much evidence. Not that I doubt at all that shots were fired from more than one side that sad night.

nazarian said...

Reflective, I am not a journalist...

You may think the title is sensationalist but it is the truth whether you, or me, like it or not. I would have liked nothing more than not to have been in this situation. I wish I could blog about other things like the global economy, the situation about the dollar and things like that.

But I find that it's my responsibility to have my small contribution in making sure that Armenia survives as a country in the long run and is a pleasant place for people to live.

reflective said...

"it is the truth whether you, or me, like it or not."

Is it? I am not trying to be cute, but might it not be army, police, other protesters, Manvel's rogue troops, or some splinter group from the authorities firing?? And at protesters, rioters, other shooters, police, troops, Lfik's rogue troops, someone's bodyguard etc?

In other words, might it not be any one above the above permutations? And this was free-form typing, not some exhaustive list.

It is not about what I, you, or anyone likes, it is about being accurate and not doing all we can to just spread more unfounded venom.

spm said...

Onnik, I dont have expertise to tell if this video is authentic or no, if the tracer bullets kill people or just make noise. All I know is that people has died, citizens of the country from the hands of its own government. I also know that government is destroying every evidence, intimidating people who witnessed those shameful acts of violence against own people. I doubt they will ever agree for an independent investigation of what happened, or may be will under pressure from Europ, but after all facts are destroyed and witnesses are jailed, scared to death or forced into exile...
I see the car, suddenly speeding on a street were protesters walk and intentionally hitting a person. I dont need criminal investigation to figure out, that it was not a bypassing car, or that some protester was driving a car behind a military track and was killing people to accuse authorities. It is strange that when it comes to accusing LTP of all possible sins from mass hypnosis to serving Israeli MOSAD nobody asks for facts? When someone tries to accuse government in unleashing the violence, which they actually should prevent of happening the apologists of Rojik become furious. I repeat my argument, which i was telling you people before elections: if ROJIK has any..any evidence against LTP of any sorts of criminal activity, it would have been published without hesitations and LTP would have been in jail already before elections. Whatever wrongdoings LTP has done against democracy (and he certainly did), they were part of it, executioners of it. But what happens now is just beyond anything that happened in 1996. Come to your senses.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Sorry, but I don't think this video shows anything. Others do, but this one, no. Sorry, but it certainly doesn't merit the title for it.

Anyway, if live rounds were being fired in this situation there wouldn't be a few guys wandering around as if nothing dangerous was happening.

Like I've said, this doesn't mean that live rounds weren't fired and also that if they were then those responsible really need to be accountable.

nazarian said...

Onnik, the protesters were charging the police that were shooting at them with live rounds (and managed to drive them off on Paronian street) despite a few of them being killed.

You can't dismiss the video just because you think that people should have been hiding.