Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Irrelevant Serj.

Serj stares in the distance at Bucharest while Angela Merkel and Ursula Plassnik chat over him.


tzitzernak said...

Even more irrelevant Vartan Oskanian?

Anonymous said...

I wonder does he at least understand what they are talking about?
From his face it's obvious, that he has no clue of what he's doing there at all
May be Angela is saying "Ursula, why is Saakashvili's driver seating between us?", and Ursula answers "It's not Saakashvili's driver, he's a president, but I don't remember from which country... Albania, I guess"

nazarian said...

I don't know if Serj knows German so I can't tell whether he understands what the conversation is about.

Ani said...

"I sure hope this clueless guy gives a better backrub than that Bush guy did!"

nazarian said...


Anonymous said...

He looks almost as dumb as Bush.
It's probably because they are both republicans

Haik said...
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Haik said...

I like Oskanian's face. He pretends as if he has nothing to do with Serj. :)

Haik said...

Does anybody know that why he is seated between Austria and Germany? It cant be an alphabetic order. There is Belgium, Bulgaria, France ... before Germany.
This gives me the thought that it is done intentionally to make him uncomfortable. Why I think so?
- he is a well known sexist, he cant stand especially women politicians, for him women should stay at home.
- It is natural that Merkel and Plassnik would talk together and in German.
- Austrians are very courteous; they wouldn’t make other people uncomfortable unless they do it intentionally to make a point. Therefore in a normal situation they would either talk from Serj's back, involve Serj or not talk at all.

I think Armenia will be doomed if Serj stays in power for more than 3months.
This is a very severe crises.

spm said...

Lets for a second assume that women surrounding Serj talk in English (I dont know if Serj knows English either), Russian or even kharabaxi dialect. What they might be talking about? Politics I guess. Has Serj anything to say about European politics? NO. Has he anything to say about Armenian politics? I dont think he has. What on the Earth he might talk with them? How the Armenian "democracy" is better than "Russian"? The dinner chit chat is not a place where you can put up some fake numbers of GDP growth or tell how many unfired bullets were confiscated in the house of an opposition member sentenced to several years for that.Or make a declarations prepared by Oskanian. The dinner chat requires intelligence and erudition. Serj certainly lacks both.
By the way, do not forget that he is short, and short Armenian men are easily intimidated by tall nordic women :-).

nazarian said...

I think Plassnik is double his height.

Anonymous said...

you have a very high opinion of Serzhik.
Do you think that anyone in Europe
gives a dam about him, let alone, think of doing something intentionally to make him uncomfortable.
Besides, he would feel uncomfortable wherever he was seated for a 1000 reasons:
for ex.
1.he's a redneck
2. I don't think he speaks any foreign languages (Ok, may be he knows some poker terms)
3.he knows that everybody knows that he hasn't been elected
4.he's a former "komsomolets", at a NATO meeting
5. he knows that his Moscow bosses and NATO are not getting along so great, and everyone knows that he's nothing but the Russian governor of Armenia

Anonymous said...

The name of this blog should be Armenian self-loathing.

spm said...

anonymous at 12:31, it is not loathing, just some people ashamed of their President and do not really deserve to having him.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, writing at 12:31

From your comment it looks like for you the concepts of "Armenian nation" and "Serzh Sarkissian" are identical... That's a weird
view of Armenian national identity, don't u think?

As for me, I am proud of being
Armenian, The post-election protests once again proved that I belong to a brave and freedom-loving nation.

Also I don't feel that we should feel ashamed for Serzhik, he doesn't represent the Armenian people, because he wasn't elected by them.

Proud Armenian

spm said...

anonymous at 12:31.
I am proud Armenian too. Still I am ashamed of the current state of affairs in republic of Armenia. Unfortunately, regardless if you or me consider SS not elected President, he is effectively the one who is ruling this republic precisely starting today. It his him who decides who else are eligible to rip off that poor little country besides him and who should stay behind bars, because like you and me disagree with his policies.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

That's right, Proud Armenian, the protests against Serj have been ten times more inspiring than his repulsive pseudo-presidency is discouraging.

As far as the picture is concerned, he's not doing to badly. He's just leaning back, thinking of his new gambling "method."

Anonymous said...

I am sure those two german-speaking ladies are saying to each other: "who is this village idiot sitting among us"??