Thursday, April 24, 2008

Covering his tracks

There are reports from Yerevan that SS chooses different paths to get to work or meetings. He probably suspects that after what he did in March, there is an IED or an RPG with his name written on it.


parisan said...

He can choose as many different paths as he can, but he won't be able to escape from himself, and nevrosis.

Anonymous said...

Anybody knows Serj's birthday?
I want to send a pack of pampers to him.

Anonymous said...

June 30, according to his "blog" @ (what, you forgot about it?)

While you're visiting, make sure to check out his "friends"--you'll see who's been sniffing out his trail...

Anonymous said...

we can kill him, and then continue killing them all!!!

we'll make a movie about it, and call it:

talaat, enver and me!

Anonymous said...

Leave Mr Sarkissian alone, you stupid Armenian pigs!
He's the best leader you've ever had since Vasak!
He has said that he wants reconciliation with us, he has said that Aghdam is not his homeland, and he has imprisoned many criminals of Karabakh war (Zhirayr Sefilyan and others)!

Osman Demirtas,
Ermenistan Cumhurrietci partisi
Central Anatolia branch youth work officer,
Eskisehir, Turkey

Anonymous said...

This past post was true. I am friend of Osman, who is a great and powerful turk who hates armenians. and if he hate armenians and likes serj, then his words are very important.

and look - he knows armenian history, knows vasak, and met with levon in ankara in 92 too.