Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A waitress charged for tax evasion where she works.

The Armenian taxmen have charged a waitress, who works at a pizza restaurant that belongs to a businessman close to Levon Ter-Petrosian, with tax evasion. This is a bizarre charge even for the Armenian authorities as it defies any logic. How does a waitress evade paying taxes - it is the duty of her employer to pay any of the taxes and employees in Armenia do not pay taxes by themselves (unlike the US, they do not have to file annual tax returns).
Anush Ghavalyan is subjected to political persecutions

Anush Ghavalyan was born in 1972. She is a widow who is a guardian of unemployed mother and two children under age. She has been under arrest since March 21, 2008 till now. Anush Ghavalyan is a waitress in the Pizza de Roma café. She is accused by the 2nd part of 205 article of the RA Criminal Code, i.e. avoidance of paying charged taxes, duties or other obligatory payments. The case is under investigation.

There is no well-founded evidence that Anush Ghavalyan has committed crime. She is a waitress and cannot be accused of the crime committed by a person-in charge.

Besides, all the mediations of advocates for not applying the arrest against Anush Ghavalyan were rejected. It is not pointed out and there is no base of how the person, who looks after three people, can avoid investigation and commit a new crime in the decision to reject.

Anush Ghavalyan claims that the officials carrying out the investigation are trying to force testimony out of her while promising to set her free instead. Anush Ghavalyan works at one of the Pizza de Roma cafés which is owned by Khachatur Suqyasyan who is under political persecution now. At the same time for over 6 months the director/manager of the chain of cafés has been accused of avoiding paying taxes. Officials carrying out the investigating, through forcing out testimony, are trying to obtain necessary proof to put charge against the above-mentioned people.

We demand to set free Anush Ghavalyan immediately and put end to her political persecution.

We appeal to everyone to support Anush Ghavalyan.

Initiative group:

Zaruhi Postanjayn, MP 091 40-39-00
Seda Melikyan, "Lawyers for Human Rights" NGO
Silva Vardanyan, "Zartonq 89" NGO
Gohar Armenakyan, "For the Protection of Soldiers' rights" Initiative group of Mothers
Lala Aslikyan, citizen 093-447643,

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Anonymous said...

Isk menq kartsum einq dodn a vor hark chi vcharum.
Parzvum a pizza di romai oficantkan a.

Pastoren es el Serzhki xostacats erkxosutyunn er...

(Nazarian jan, menak qez hargelov a, vor qfurnerov chem grum)