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Who will flinch first - game of chicken.

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The war of nerves

The newspaper Hayots Ashkhar ", claiming that Levon Ter-Petrosian" exhausted all their resources in the country, "writes:" It remains hvatatsya for straws, hoping that international public opinion by revising its positive assessment, the majority of the protesters would give new impetus and power supply Armenia facing serious external problems. But, as the international community, including the leading countries to revise their estimates no reason, Ter-Petrosian was trying to "explain" them, it must be done. "

"Despite the fact that the person in the political life of Armenia took a much larger role than programs and platforms, this crisis is not a personal conflict between Serge Sargsyan and Levon Ter-Petrossian. Rather, it may be described as a" crisis of confidence. "There is also a series of related factors that exacerbate the crisis. example, the deep polarization of the political field in the absence of a political force with the potential mediation. A principal lesson of this crisis is the following: stability, and although important, however, because of the lack of responsibility and weak laws in the country formed a dangerous shortage legitimacy "- said in an interview with the newspaper" 168 Zham "American political scientist Richard Giragosian.

"Aravot" daily newspaper, claiming that the only way out of the current internal political situation are new presidential elections, appealed to the authorities: "Not a soul in plyuyte people, the people do not condone such. Does Not our lust for power has resulted in the famous century long - tolerant lesion, while nomadic tribes win, suffering a defeat ... the victory of one over the other part of the people - ignominious defeat. better really honestly elected Satan than holy, elected by violence and ballot rigging. "

The newspaper "Azg", considering resistance to the authorities and the opposition as a "war of nerves", he says: "On the one hand is already 9 - Day rallies and, strangely enough, the authorities did not lose patience and did not allow an obvious error, not letting them take mitingantam Ecumenical and raise the noise. on the other hand, it all depends on the fortress nerves sides - who will relinquish the first in this war of nerves, to the need to step back one step. meantime ... the parties have been very extract. But no one can say how long they will be able to withstand ... "

According to the newspaper Zhamanak Yerevan, the most surprising to many is that the authorities have not yet resorted to punitive measures to disperse the rally and seizing Freedom Square. " "At least in the current period of prolonged so the authorities' tolerance 'nobody remembers." The main reason for this, according to the newspaper, is the "assessment, which will give the international community the use of force is likely to be extremely unfavorable for the authorities, as a protest is entirely peaceful in nature."

A citizen of Armenia Mesrop Arutunian, in response to a statement by the police that gathered at Freedom Square conduct unauthorized rallies and marches, speaking at the square, said: "The police RA issued a statement which reads:" For the last 7 days, as Levon Ter - Petrosyan and his supporters, despite repeated warnings, continued to hold unauthorized rallies, processions, protests sedentary. "Before the state read the law - the Law on meetings, rallies, processions and protests" (before you came, I note also that the law was passed this year 28.04.2004) no concept of "authorized" and "unauthorized." Nor is there any requirement to authorize a public event. you probably think even live in the Soviet Union and Soviet guide because the terms "authorized" and " unauthorized. "Especially for you to quote RA Constitution:" Article 29. Every Armenian citizen has the right to conduct peaceful, unarmed rallies. "Read sometimes not harmful. Again, for you quote from the last paragraph 1 - item 7 - and of the Law" On meetings, rallies, processions and protests: "No one does not have the right to force citizens to participate in public events. "You know where my drift? Why do you not statements of rallies held Serge Sargsyan in violation of the law? you spit on the rights of the people?" ( "Haikakan Zhamanak")

As for a possible post-event finals, the newspaper "Aravot" writes that "certainly not happen": "Ter-Petrosian will not abandon all half and did not leave" a cup of tea ", as it was in 2003, on the other hand -- will not attack the National Assembly, as it was in 1996. X Freedom Square from the first President of 2 ways - either in the presidential residence, or in prison. But, if the power to elect the second way, again, it is unlikely they would have long cloudless life - power, in such a case would be extremely fragile as to external forces, and for the Interior. " The ideal would be, of course, initiate negotiations between the parties, but at the moment it is the most incredible scenario, the newspaper concludes.

The authorities intend to patiently wait for the "theatrical presentation at Freedom Square exhausted themselves, realising that there is only part of the people. This, the Noyan Tapan, 29 February, Armenian President Robert Kocharian stated in Yerevan State University. At its last meeting with the students in the post of President Kocharian stressed that the authorities try to create an opportunity that the political process logically, having a calm, quiet junction. According to the President, the present situation could not be compared to the year 1989-90, when agonizirovala razvalivayuschayasya empire in independent Armenia is like interchanges simply impossible. The authorities may also otherwise - namely, using police action to clear the area and give people an opportunity to live peacefully. However, he stressed that the police used force only when met resistance. For people who do not agree with the results of the presidential election, President Kocharian anticipates the 4 scenario. First - events going on, and the longer they lasted, the more disappointing. This, the President, direct standstill, and as a result, over time those who are trying to use this tool, a compromise. " Second and undesirable for all and for Armenia option - Attack of public authorities, as a result of frustration, as it has already been in 1996. In such a case, the organizers would immediately outlaw: from the law enforcement agencies sufficient strength and ability to protect the constitutional order, and many of those "who today stands at podmostkah, hold for many years in prison." Two other scenarios president described as "sensible". The first - not recognizing the outcome of the election candidate thanked people for their support, sends them home, while maintaining its influence on them and tough opposition stance, preparing for the next elections. The next reasonable scenario - "sends people to the homes, congratulates elected president, requested leniency to those who violated the law, and goes home to write regular scientific work." "Selection of scenarios for them, we are ready for each of the four options" - said Kocharian. Acting President said that as a result of the call for cooperation, sounded newly elected President Serge Sargsyan, is an active process, many presidential candidates, other political parties to respond to that call. "My assessment is this: in the next 2-3 days emerge format cooperation" - said Kocharian.


According to the "A1 +", March 1, about 6.30 am police detachment attacked peaceful demonstrators, carrying out at Freedom Square sit-down protest. Armed with batons and shields raided by the police Northern Avenue and brutally beat protesters. During the hour the police "freed" Freedom Square. They burned tents and beat people. According to the agency, some people who managed to escape from the "ring", rushed to the embassies of various countries. The first Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrosian left to stand on Freedom Square and said that it does not will go nowhere if they want to, can his arrest. By this time, and the area adjacent to it were surrounded by the territory of large police forces. Head protection pays Grisha Sarkissian vtolknul force and forcibly took Ter-Petrossian in his mansion. Details of those arrested has not. The entire area adjacent to the area from the headquarters of the People's Party of Armenia, surrounded by police. Agency recalls that only the day before, Robert Kocharian, speaking of possible developments of events, exclude force solution, and the United States in the OSCE secretariat on the same day urged not to use force to the peaceful demonstrators.

March 1, about 8:30 Liberty Square in Yerevan was surrounded by law enforcement authorities, has been suspended traffic on nearby streets Tumanyan, and Koryun Abovyan. All entrances to the area adjacent to the garden, under the supervision of the police, who had been ordered into the territory of Liberty Square is not admitting journalists. Imaging only managed to break through the group of "Yerkir Media, which was able to withdraw from the demonstrators peeled area and police groups. However, when leaving the area, the police force robbed operator group rented film. At the beginning of the Northern Avenue on the floor was a large bloody stain. Eve at the crossroads of streets Pushkin-Tumanyan citizens police forced the crowd to disperse, a woman who refused to increase power. Among the witnesses were gathered in the square happened. In their testimony, in the region of 7 am police began an attack on the participants sit shares, entering at the entrance of the area near the monument of Aram Khachaturian. Under pressure from demonstrators police retreated, but at this point, another group of police officers infiltrated the street from the Journalism Department. According to eyewitnesses, it was a special forces detachment. The police beat people with batons, electric shocks applied. The demonstrators were protected means of commonly available - burning branches and stones. Shots were not. According to some reports, a large number of injured has been sent to the medical center Nor Nork. (Noyan Tapan)

Armenian police March 1 used excessive force to disperse peaceful demonstrators, not accepting the outcome of the last presidential elections in Armenia. This refers "Armenia Today," said the organization Human Rights Watch. "The Armenian authorities should refrain from engaging in violence, as a society will not tolerate excessive use of force by police" - said director of Human Rights Watch Europe and Central Asia, Holly Cartner, noting that the "political crisis, the Government does not give carte blansha to react to demonstrators in this manner. " The organization provides examples and the testimony of witnesses and victims because disperse, according to which "the police without warning began to disperse the protesters, using rubber truncheons and elektroshokerov." According to testimony given organization, "some of them in the law-enforcement bodies have already beaten unconscious." Some victims, fearing arrest, have not applied to public hospitals, preferring private. Human Rights Watch also leads certificate, which was also arrested journalist - he was taken to the police, but even a few hours later, his lawyer was not allowed to be circulated. In this regard, Carter stresses that "even in times of emergency, detainees should be allowed lawyers."

According to Noyan Tapan, power shares after law enforcement officials on Freedom Square the morning of March 1, the demonstrators gathered at the street before Gr. Lusavorich Embassy of France. A crowd of people surrounded a number of armed police with batons and shields. Some Al monument. Myasnikyanu also gathered a huge crowd of people. According to the surrounding streets joined the new group of people who are greeted with chants. Police Attempt to oppress all of these groups inside the police cordon failed. U demonstrators fear is that people gather in one place to attack them. By building the new embassy come special squads, standing nearby vodometnye machine. The number of people coming to the site of a natural rally continues to grow.

In place of the opposition rally near the mayor's office in Yerevan began to seek urgent troops armed with machine guns and armoured personnel carriers. Part of the regular army reinforced riot policemen. So far they have concentrated just below the central Amiryan streets in the vicinity of the principal place of the protesters. Earlier, witnesses reported, the protesters pushed internal troops cordon 200 metres. The opposition continues its defense tactics. All the approaches to the territory rally barricades. Having met with cordons of Interior Troops people, asks them not to send weapons against the people. Srochnikov Army soldiers who arrived in the capital of Armenia, the start of the offensive after midnight at the crossroads with the prospect protesters Mashtots and Amiryan, Grigor Lusavorich. During the shooting, according to some sources, there are casualties. Moving in the direction of the protesters special forces trying to crowd them. According to eyewitnesses, mostly spetsnazovtsy produce shots in the air. ( "Armenia Today")

As reported by "Noyan Tapan", the protesters barricade in the street outside the hotel "Congress", which leads to the rear of the Embassy of France. They barricaded the streets of this bus, that in the event of possible attack could protect themselves. The number of people continuing to grow. Member headquarters Ter-Petrossian Nikol Pashinian meeting called for calm and not to perform drastic steps.

Based Republic populated area near the Interior troops and armour. In response, protesters barricaded for buses and trolley buses. In the evening poslyshalis shots - flew over the heads of tracer bullets. Protesters armed with metal bars. Started an altercation with the police in which several cars were burned. Only by 4 am, the opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosian, and failing to leave his home and go to the people, through their associates mitingantam turned to a request to leave the square. Following him, the participants of the campaign left. In the end, both sides - more than a hundred injured. According to official figures, 8 people died. ( "Novye Izvestia")

Started after the presidential elections ten confrontation between the government and opposition ended in a bloody confrontation between the government and the people, writes "Armenia Today" in an article entitled "Yerevan. Bloody spring started." "On the night of March first power peacefully disperse demonstrators in the square dancing Liberty actually led to the folk revolt. This time, Yerevan has been unable perevarit jihad method actions of the authorities. Neiskushennye perceive in the Armenian policies still do not understand why the authorities took to the area okoloopernoy racing "Night Watch" is not more than 2000 people, who do not represent any danger to anyone. For ten days Levon Ter-Petrosian has used all of its chips and mostly played the political bluff. Played professionally, but without a comparable with the levers of power already vydyhalsya. initially He built his entire current political tactic from the mistakes of the authorities, from drawing new strength and capabilities. waited But he might very well aware of their former nominees. knew their habits, know their kind. authorities first blow inflicted on the night on the first of March. Luzhi blood defenceless dancers (no logic is not in a position to affirm the version authorities that the men were armed with firearms, but not using it, defended himself and bars thousands) blew up Yerevan. Ubezhavshie pogrom against the police and tried to rescue from the walls French Embassy group of 50.. 1988, they have risen again to defend its dignity, zapoloniv big intersection "of five streets." Opposition authorities and the people came in the climax phase. And instead of seeking options for a smooth exit from this situation, the power preferred the force. Above the city rose bloody axe. This is a day, the authorities would "mourn" for the , in whom they are ordered to shoot, bringing to sacrifice Throne. Before that they themselves teams and blood, not go to understand the political dogma - a power, they will, in any case zakleymleny disgrace, and it falls to them the brunt of responsibility. Them Moreover, the authorities have removed themselves and Ter-Petrossian any responsibility for the bloody consequences of its entering into an advance under house arrest. Armed police and troops were thrown at suppressing their own people, including women and teenagers. kept But the people. Even corpses their comrades pacany not stopped, which went under the bullets, not defending Levon, and its truth and its vision of democracy. Yerevan defended himself. Even on the kind of thunderous asphalt armour, which at any time could be thrown against the people, not stopped people. I the authorities were willing to go further. even do not want to represent a horror, and the impact that might have, if people do not razoshelsya. last fragments of opposition leaders, realizing where crowds of looters broke (in a situation in which the withdrawal of any person from the people immediately ring burner arrest), and understanding for what and to whom do we need it, uprosili people leave already become bloody crossroads "of five streets." Price blood first battle won power over the people, razrubiv all threads linking themselves and the nation. But this is just the beginning of global confrontation. Talleyrand postulate that it was impossible to sit on bayonets, in the interim segment always has been true. Authorities to the only option left - at any cost to find a common language with the people. Bloody spring Or again give themselves felt in Yerevan, with all of its unpredictable consequences. "

Meanwhile, according to the Russian newspaper Kommersant, on the night of 2 - e March, died in hospital a dozen people, in a way, the number of dead is already close to 20, of which 15 people - the demonstrators.

In connection with the worsening situation in Yerevan, Armenian President Robert Kocharian announced his intention to resort to the assistance of the army. He declared this in the course of the same day late in the evening press conference. According to him, since the protests "shot at police, such methods are inevitable." Kocharian said that after a morning of March 1, police resorted to disperse the protesters, the action has shifted to other parts of Yerevan and completely ceased to stay in the political arena - began looting, damage to public and private property. Kocharian noted that all of these riots were planned and should have been carried out in the heart of the capital on Freedom Square, but several legal steps removed geography disorder. "But the most glaring - weapons and ammunition, which we had information that put in motion against the police. cowardly thing I - shot at police, shelter for vehicles, thereby exposing the dangers in the vicinity of innocent people" - said president, adding that he had no information about the dead, but well-informed of the wounded policemen. According to Kocharyan, apparently Levon Ter-Petrosyan and his entourage extremely disconcerting that the proposal on Prime Minister Serge Sargsian of Armenia on cooperation responded all presidential candidates. " "This still priplyusovalos and fading wave of rallies that pushed Ter-Petrossian to provocations." He also said that the organizers of the riots will suffer severe punishment. As the "Armenia Today, both on Prospect Marshal Bagramyan the city centre podgonyalas heavy armour. (IA REGNUM)

During the riots in Yerevan suffered several dozen officials and the police officer RA. According to the "ArmInfo" with a reference to the press service of the police during riots in Yerevan March 1, the police were taken to hospital officials and 33 police officers, including 11 from shrapnel wounds, 13 with physical injuries of varying degrees of severity, 8 poisoned gas. 7 police officers provided medical care in outpatient basis. The Agency also reported that, according to the press service of the General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia, identified all the dead 8 last night. This Zahar Hovhannisyan, Hamlet Tadevosyan, Gore Kloyan, David Petrosian Tigran Khachatryan, Grigor Gevorkyan, Hovhannes Hovhannisyan and Armen Farmanyan. Press Prosecution Service said that Hamlet Tadevosyan was a squadron commander. In a criminal case, which is the Special Investigation Service, vyyasnyayutsya circumstances of the deaths of these individuals. According to the General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia, "is taking measures to identify the organizers and perpetrators of the riots, as well as stolen property by robbery." "The participants and organizers of public events organized in violation of the law a candidate for President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosyan and his supporters, not Oupa requirements of the police, incited riots, set fire to about two dozens of private and public vehicles, looted and destroyed the" House of Moscow, located next to the office of the mayor of Yerevan, as well as nearby shops, smashed the windows and doors of the mayor's office and other agencies. participants in the riots by taking positions in the area between Prospect Lusovorich Grigor, the Embassy of France, the circus, office of the mayor of Yerevan and the hotel Metropol, armed with firearms, sticks, metal bars , tarami with flammable substances, concrete shrapnel attacked the police officers performing their credentials. riots were halted only after entering a state of emergency and the joint activities undertaken by the police service and the National Security Force "- noted in the press service of the General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia.

Close to midnight on March 1, Armenian President Robert Kocharyan signed a decree proclaiming a state of emergency: "In order to prevent threatening the constitutional order of the RA and protect the rights and legitimate interests of the population, with 14 - m paragraph of Article 55 and 6 - m paragraph of Article 117 of the Constitution of Armenia , I decree:

1. In Yerevan from 1 2008 g. for a period of 20 days to declare a state of emergency.

2. Guide to address the circumstances servants grounds for declaring a state of emergency, coordination and implementation of other issues neotlozhyh submit the President of the Republic of Armenia.

3. Providing legal regime for the state of emergency to give police and the Republic of Armenia Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Armenia to the Government of the Republic of Armenia.

4. The Government of the Republic of Armenia to undertake the necessary steps towards the implementation of the decree.

6. This ordinance is in effect from the date of notification. "

"For the application to the police violence dangerous to their lives and health, calls for disobeying the decision to discontinue public events organized in violation of the law, as well as for organizing and inciting a riot, in a criminal case, the Special Investigation Service investigation, in Yerevan arrested about 30 people "- informs the General Prosecutor's Office of Armenia. According to the source, IA REGNUM among detainees have previously tried, including six. The investigation is continuing. The Special Investigation Service is taking steps to identify all persons using violence against carrying out its responsibilities under the conservation law in Yerevan police, organizers and instigators of disorder. The Agency notes that the name of the first Armenian President Levon Ter-Petrossian, among others figured in a decision to institute criminal proceedings.

Candidate for President of Armenia Levon Ter-Petrosian said at a press conference on March 2 that its actions against the authorities have set themselves now all the people. Commenting on the events on 1 March, when as a result of clashes with security forces protest forces killed 8 people and wounded hundreds more, he emphasized that provoking rioting and looting in the center of Yerevan, the country's authorities have created a reason and the basis for declaring a state of emergency. "The authorities were able to exclude such developments, but did not exclude it" - quoted Ter-Petrossian IA REGNUM. In the words of the first President of Armenia, the authorities knew that the situation was charged after disperse peaceful demonstrators morning of March 1, but not allowed it to the people, sobravshemusya front of the Embassy of France, under the pretext of its own security. He described his own stay in the residence "house arrest", noting already early in the morning on March 2, aware of the "consequences of provocation authorities decided to appeal to the people through supporters and transferred the call to their homes." However, Ter-Petrossian expressed confidence that the authorities will not be able to intimidate the opposition. "They dare not frighten us, even Gorbachev had not succeeded, but these people - the most backward and provincial his disciples" - he said. He said he heard that in various cities of Armenia organized protest rallies. "This is an initiative of local activists, and these protests will be tomorrow in virtually all regions of Armenia. I do not exclude that we can organize a rally in a city located near Yerevan. previously We have done similar. In 1988, 4 December, when in Yerevan were Soviet troops, and acted curfew, and we had a rally in Echmiadzin. This is a legitimate, and, depending on the situation, we will consider this option. same, we will not sit at home "- he said. Ter-Petrosian again urged his supporters and the people do not attempt to collect the rally and not to give the authorities a pretext for new clashes. He expressed condolences to the families of all those killed in clashes March 2, and noticed that all of them were victims of powers.

IA REGNUM gives an overview of publications and views on the tragic events in Yerevan. Thus, the agency passes, "the New York Times wrote that 11 days after the presidential elections in Armenia" the streets of this small mountainous country were filled by people protesting the outcome of the vote and consider them null and void. " The magazine writes that the rallies were peaceful, but on Saturday, March 1, authorities did elektroshokery used against them, tear gas and water cannon. According to The New York Times, "on Saturday morning, the Armenian authorities have used a favorite method of dispersal of a rally: first, they are placed near the sleeping demonstrators weapons and ammunition, and then began to search, resulting in the collision happened." "By the end of the day, in some parts of the capital began rioting and looting, and authorities have imposed a state of emergency" - wrote publication. "At about 9 o'clock in the evening the military police started to move in the direction of the crowd, firing rubber bullets and tear gas let. But this time the protesters were prepared to defense. Law enforcement agencies have made to the people of midnight, bringing the moonlight started the bloody events "- wrote the newspaper. "The presidential elections in Armenia", - the publication - "from the very beginning have been controversial. constituency At one quarter of the ballots were invalid, on the other - all 1449 were in favour of Serge Sarkissian." According to the publication, the head Observation Mission OSCE / ODIHR Gert Arens said that "the probability of this is so great, to the extent possible the birth of a dog with five legs." The newspaper also writes that during the conversion ballots are often seen scenes from the drama Gogol.

Meanwhile, as the DPA, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour made a statement, which expresses grave concern at the information on the availability of victims and the injured as a result of clashes police and demonstrators in Yerevan. She expressed concern about the facts of violence against peaceful protesters, as well as the arrests of opposition figures.

The Agency also reported on the reaction of the Georgian media. In particular, the television channel Rustavi-2 in his reportage notes: "Zakanchivayuschy life Armenian President Robert Kocharian in Yerevan as a result of the riots last night declared a state of emergency, which will last 20 days. According to official figures, during clashes killed 8 people, five of They - supporters involved in the presidential election and took the second place, Levon Ter-Petrossian, three - police. According to local journalists, have been killed in clashes 30 people. News agencies reported that police fired into the air and used to disperse demonstrators March 1, tear gas " -- noted broadcaster. All of this was accompanied by a demonstration of personnel from the field.
The situation in Yerevan specifically for the "Moscow Komsomolets" Areg Oganesyan journalist commented: "Storm in Yerevan subsided - now in handy not polezesh. Admire Net: rallies until March 20, will not be - the opposition hands tied, and she zatailas. But authorities have not decided Domestic conflict. contrary - it is not power stood first. Gross, brutal dispersal of peaceful demonstrations in fact, it provoked the shooting and pogroms, and this truth. political solution remains a dream - simply from the conflict has not come out. At least eight dead, hundreds injured -- I am afraid that this is, alas, even flowers. CHP Over 19 days the people's anger directed only against prohibitive shameful elections (let's call a spade a spade: intimidation of observers, journalists and unceremoniously beaten calculated as incomprehensible to vote), may accumulate and lead to a something postrashnee than isolated cases of arson. essence of what is happening is this: people are not for the fact that Ter-Petrosian - he was against Sargsian. risking the lives of thousands of people left yesterday on the streets - proof. Rough strength and the CHP - the worst that could come up power. This is a weakness rather than strength. It launched the first shots in Yerevan since the collapse of the Soviet Union, which simply is not cool. Authorities itself driven itself into a corner ".

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