Saturday, March 01, 2008

Reports of dead civilians...

ArmeniaNow has a report that civilians have been killed by either the police or the army. I have seen that news on other blogs as well. I am pasting the ArmeniaNow story here in case the KGB brings their site down.

However, we may not know about it for some time since the Armenian state has prohibited the news media from reporting anything but official reports.

Chaos in pockets of central Yerevan, at least 2 dead
By ArmeniaNow staff
10 p.m.

ArmeniaNow has learned from a doctor at Emergency Hospital N3 that at least two people have been killed – one civilian and one policeman – in the melee currently underway in Yerevan.

The day of clashes has turned into a night of widespread violence as law enforcement is clashing with protestors in pockets of unrest in the center of the capital.

Three cars have been set afire outside Yerevan’s popular indoor market “Pak Shuka” while sporadic automatic fire continues to be heard and tracer bullets ripping like fireworks above the sky of downtown Yerevan.

Cars are frantically rushing to sites near Mashtots Boulevard and Proshian street taking injured from scenes where law enforcement and protestors have clashed.

The center of the conflict appears to have shifted closer to Proshian, Yerevan’s famous “barbecue street”.

Meanwhile at least 8 troop carriers have been stationed at the lower end of Mashtots, opposite the Iranian blue mosque.

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