Friday, March 07, 2008

Out of touch.

Just check the site of ANCA - the Armenian National Committee of America. There is not a single word about the marshal law, the killing of civilians, mass arrests, curbing of freedom of speech or assembly and other violation of human rights in Armenia. I can't believe I have supported that organization in the past. Not any more!

The Armenian Assembly of America, on the other hand, has posted relevant information on their site. I have to start looking into supporting them instead of ANCA.


Paul said...

What do you expect though? ANC is Tashnag, therefore dislike Levon, therefore don't feel the need to go out on a ledge to criticize those who oppose him. Also they probably operate on the semi-naive view that any criticism of Armenia hurts it and therefore must not be done.
In my opinion, what use are these big powerful lobbies if all they ever talk about is the genocide when people are being killed in Armenia now and the government is reverting to Soviet oppression. No diasporan should stand for this, no matter what romanticized view they have of the perfect homeland.

Anonymous said...

I know someone in ANCA very well. Recently I raised the question as to why ANCA is mute on the recent events. I was told something like this, a) ANCA is subject to regulation laws governing lobbyists, and is bared from interfereing in the political matters of foreign countries both by such regulations and by their own policies (either my contact did a bad job explaining this to me, or it's just a lame excuse that I find very hard to buy),
b) ANACA is backed/sponsored/affiliated with Dashnaks...
I had no further questoins for my contact.
I don't think I have to say more than this, do I?

It's pointless, forget about them..

Anonymous said...

forgot to sign - Vahe

Anonymous said...

Reason a is total bull. I don't know about foreign but they are allowed to advocate for domestic politicians, they even make report cards of every Congressman saying which are worthy of votes and not. The rules might be different when it comes to a foreign government but NOBODY IS ASKING THEM TO MAKE AN ENDORSEMENT. Standing up for democracy in Armenia NO MATTER WHO BRINGS IT, and am not even saying that LTP is a guarantor of democracy, and opposing such a police state is most important and a basic thing any Armenian should do. They keep their mouth shuts because they are Tashnags and it's simple as that.

Anonymous said...

Yep, couldn't agree with you more. And don't even waste your time trying to explain to them that it's not about a person, it's simply about millions of people having to live in motherland-turned-into-prison. No, they're busy bashing turks.