Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Keeping Liberty alive.

Bookmark the following sites so that if you can't access this blog tomorrow, you have an alternative for the samizdat articles from Yerevan.

In order to circumvent the information blockade in Armenia try using a proxy server. Search 'free proxy server' on google and try to use the IP addresses of what you find. here are a few:

Or you can use but it doesn't allow posting of comments:

If you are a blog owner and want to keep the free speech going, please spread the news on your sites, too. If you are in Armenia, want to keep the free speech going and have a printer, print out the articles and distribute. Please remember that color printers print yellow dots and the output can be matched with the printer. So when printing, print ONLY in black and white.

If you have videos, upload on YouTube and Google video. Try to have as much redundancy as possible. Spread the word.

Do not SMS - in a digital world, the recipient and the sender of content are known. The SMS message is retained on servers and can and will be used against you in court as evidence.

The only way to preserve our liberties is to overwhelm the repression. The moment we give up, they will walk all over us without blinking their eyes. Repressive systems do not reform easily.

Keep the pressure - they will crack eventually.


artmika said...

Thanks Nazarian, very important!

I X-posted it in my blog too:

To readers in Armenia: Fighting state censorship

artmika said...

for some reason, the link I provided, is not working. Try this:

nazarian said...

The link has a /br> in it that's why it doesn't work.