Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's freaking USSR all over again.

Media silenced, the Liberty Square cordoned off, the army killing civilians...

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Armen said...

Unfortunately Levon made a big mistake and has caused us to get divided between ourselves. We being divided is as sad as yesterday's events. Also Levon was of the two sides who caused this unfortunate day. He is better reading his books than being in political arena. Such an idiot is dangerous to be even in political arena needless to say becoming the president.

The other day I was watching YouTube and listening to his speech and there he said "srank mezantsits chen. srank otar en". Amota ay mart me boor azgenk es khoskerov batsi hayerin irar ktsel@, bajanel@ incha dzerk galoo chem haskanoom. Ay himmar hay@, haya... hima togh roosastani hay lini, togh amerikayi hay lini, togh gharabaghi hay lini... vaghn el kasi en amerikayee haya otara, en yesim inch.... I presonally believe that Levon loves his country and tries to do his best, but unfortunately he's not a good political player. Otherwise he should have calculated and foreseen the possible scenarios and government's moves before acting. And it seems he doesn't want to let go out if it either. Please some of his supporters explain to him (for the sake of the country and all armenians around the world) even if he wants to help, he is unable to, and sometimes "doing nothing" is the best thing done. Sometimes if one feels he can't fit in or can't win the situation it's better accepting the defeat and stay calm. Assuming Levon was right, yesterday he still had the chance to choose between the worse and the worst. Unfortunately he kept making mistakes. Anglerens nerek lav chi.