Sunday, March 09, 2008

The criminal state.

Here is a video that shows the police shooting at the protesters and killing at least one of them in Yerevan on March 1, 2008.

Here is the commentary from Unzipped:

Video evidence of shooting towards protesters by Armenia special police units

Today Armenian opposition distributed a video evidence (below) confirming their previous claims, as well as some eyewitnesses, that special police units shot towards protesters during 1 March events, in contrary to official information on shooting in the air only or no shooting at all.

P.S. Here is official version of events voiced few days ago (source -

Law enforcement officers did not fire in the direction of demonstrators, Sona Truzyan, a spokesperson for the Prosecutor-General, said in a press briefing Wednesday, speaking about the events on March 1.

“The preliminary investigation will establish all circumstances of the deaths. I can state basing on the data of the preliminary investigation available as of today that no shot was fired in the direction of the demonstrators even during the mass unrest,” Truzyan said, adding that to quell the riots police used tear gas and tracer bullets fired solely into the air.


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Shootings video mirror, not on Youtube:

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