Saturday, May 03, 2008

Хроника текущих событий

The archives of the "Хроника текущих событий" magazine, a samizdat publication during the Soviet times, is available online. I cam across it while reading this Radio Liberty article. I can't believe that as little as two months ago the Armenians were reduced to producing samizdat in what we had hoped would be a free country. Things, instead of getting better, have degraded since the independence. Instead of progressing, the country is pushed further into an Asiatic style fiefdom in the hands of a few bandits.

Will it ever be possible to reverse this trend and bring liberty to its citizens? That's what we are struggling to do and so far we have been beaten up, imprisoned and some of us have been martyred.

Does anyone see a light at the end of the tunnel?


Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for your great job on this blog. Whatever you are doing now is very important. We don't have the right to be pessimistic now and leave the people to their fate. I am sure we'll see the light very soon. Though we are moving slowly, at least our steps are firm day by day.

Ani said...
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Observer said...

I've lost all hope. Will probably abandon everything I'm doing - all media freedom and diversity work, and move away. This country has no future :(

Ani said...

Nazarian--pulled my comment because it didn't make sense without the context (you changed Mongol-Tatar khanate to Asian style fiefdom).

Observer, that is truly sad and I hope that you will change your mind since you are so important to those of us who aren't "on the ground." If you want a bit of hope, the final OSCE document on the election hasn't been released yet, and it's overdue (it's supposed to come out two months after the election), so I smell that something's up there. The American government's given Sargsyan 100 days, so it seems that something's got to shake loose quick, by June or July.

Nazarian, the reason I posted that Millennium Grant statement from Asbarez was that finally the Diaspora orgs are finding out there might be a problem (duh!). I think LTP had to make the statement about the funding so he wouldn't get the blame (which was already being putting on him by AZG among others) if the grant didn't come through. As I understand it, the grant has objective criteria, so it's not up to the opposition but up to the government--this puts the ball firmly in their court, no?

nazarian said...

One major goal of the MCA grant is to further democracy. So the ball is always in the government's court. All we can do is bring the US government's attention to the undemocratic actions of the Armenian government and hope to achieve some change by doing that.

Ani said...

//So the ball is always in the government's court.//

Of course it is in reality. However, Armenian SS propagandists would paint it differently--LTP's backing away from the issue makes it harder for them to do that.