Friday, May 23, 2008

Jirayr Sefilian has asked for a political asylum in Gharabagh

Jirayr Sefilian, a political prisoner in Armenian since 2006, has asked for a political asylum in Gharabagh. The Armenian authorities have started a deportation process for Sefilian. Will he be released from jail as part of Armenia's compliance with the European demands to release all the 100+ political prisoners by June 20? And will he immediately be deported? (update: I just checked and Sefilian's scheduled to be released on June 9, 2008 as he completes his 'sentence')

But the most important question is, will the NKR president grant him political asylum and show that Gharabagh people support the volunteers from around the world who sacrificed everything for Gharabagh during the war years?

Let's see. I sure hope that there are still some morals left among the ruling elites. If they don't grant asylum and prove that they cannot be relied on during difficult times, how will they then expect to rely on people when there is another need for volunteer fighters?


Anonymous said...

For the first time in my life, I'm ashamed to be an Armenian. Someone accused me of blaming my unpatriotic decision of leaving the country on the authorities. Fine, but what of Zhiro? If Armenia doesn't have a place for him, it certainly doesn't have a place for me.

I hate to quote Vano, but,
Ես սրանց հետ ընդհանուր հայրենիք չունեմ:

Anonymous said...

So this is how Serzh's "Forward Armenia" campaign slogan gets translated into reality. Throw out all those who don't conveniently fall inot your preconceived mould of what a "patriotic Armenian" should be. God help us all!!! (Ramik)

nazarian said...

anonymous at 11:22 pm. There is no need to be ashamed of being an Armenian. The people who are doing this are bandits and ch-hayer. This SS, Hrant Margarian and others of the same time are traitors and tzakhu avazaks. They are thus rejected by the majority of the people.

You should be proud to be an Armenian and be part of this brave people.

Anonymous said...

Nazarian, the reason I am ashamed is because we let this happen. Trust me I understand better than anyone that the two Azeri Communist Party cadres don't represent Armenians OR Gharabaghcis, but every single one of us is guilty for the way the country is. We are the ones letting them get away with heinous crime after heinous crime, and there are still people defending them, there are still people urging us, the psychopaths, to give Serzhik time to prove himself.

I am starting to be convinced that every people deserve the government they have; we deserve every second of this, because we let electricians (են ել հեռակա ուսումով)and criminals run the country and turn it into their "duqyan". Because we, (yes me) run abroad instead of staying and weeding out ազգի տականքներին:

This is just the straw that breaks the camel's back for me, and I'm just in disbelief over what has happened to us over the last decade. How could we fall so far? They will deport him, and people will go on as if nothing happened; if he's lucky, 100 years from now we'll bring his corpse back from Lebanon with pomp and circumstance and only then will acknowledge what a hero this guy is.

Sorry to ramble on like this; words always diminish thoughts.
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