Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Does anyone know why the Catholicos is in Vatican?

I can't find Ejmiatzin's official site ( is apparently a squatter site belonging to an evangelist or something). The Catholicos met the Pope today and is scheduled to meet him again on Friday. I want to know what the agenda of their meetings is.


tzitzernak said...

The most info I found was an article on ( Try, though there's not too much info there yet.

MM said...

I guess he is there to meet his beloved Louis Simon Manoogian for a quicky.

Anonymous said...


Armenia moves to end isolation
Tuesday, 13th May 2008. 3:57pm

By: George Conger.

Armenia’s Church and State have begun a new round of diplomatic overtures designed to end the nation’s diplomatic and economic isolation in the Caucasus.

Last week the country’s Foreign Minister signaled its willingness to move on from the memory of the 1915 Genocide while on May 7 the head of the Armenian Church called for an end to “intolerance and confrontation” across the region.

article continues at above link.