Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Human rights advocate Michael Danielian shot at in Yerevan.

The leader of the Progressive Party in Armenia, Tigran Urikhanian, has shot human rights advocate and chairman of Armenian Helsinki Association Michael Danielian. Fortunately, Michael Danielian was not killed. Since Urikhanian is buddies with SS, chances of him being punished for this crime are close to nil.

The details here.

Update: It is worth to mention that Urikhanian is an infamous fascist and the Progressive Party is a neo-nazi entity. While Urikhanian was assaulting and before he shot Danielian, he was yelling that Danielian was a defender of gays and a CIA agent. Clearly, Urikhanian is a menace to the society and has no place on the streets after this. But in a banditocracy, people like this get promoted. So watch the news.

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