Thursday, May 22, 2008

Էշերի հավաքածու

Տո եզի մեկ, էս ինչե՞ր ես դուրս տալիս:

Dashnak Leader Blames Ter-Petrosian, West For Armenia Unrest

Opening a regular congress of Dashnaktsutyun in Yerevan, Hrant Markarian, the de facto head of the influential party’s governing Bureau, said the use of lethal force against Ter-Petrosian supporters protesting against alleged vote rigging was therefore justified.

Listen to this brute man here, starting at 3:35 minute.


tzitzernak said...

Wow. Rarely have I seen or heard of such cognitive dissonance – that need to justify one’s own dubious acts by making up excuses. I don’t even know where to start, or rather, if I started, I may never finish.
Unfortunately, as I’ve learned, people who are impressionable enough to believe this without question, or internally confused enough to create it, take more time than I have to walk through the illogical steps of their thinking.
I have wanted to believe, my entire life, that all political parties go in directions at times that seem in opposition to their foundations for good reason that maybe I do not understand, but the ARF has, at least, crossed the line.
Has the ARF even recently read the ideas of their founding fathers, the socialist building blocks of their organization? Have they looked at the pictures of our fedayees, with their thick black beards and sashes of bullets across their chests, protecting the Armenian people?
Regardless of whether the ARF is pro- or anti- LTP, the ARF has turned its back on the people of Armenia.
Zavaryan, Mikaelyan, and Rostom would be ashamed of what the Armenian Revolutionary Federation has become.

Anonymous said...

Kataryal anasun. Estegh en asel, u knereq vor mi qich kopit e hnchum, bayc, ARA HORS AREV. Dashnaks should probably be the last people on Earth to talk about foreign ties or being foreign sponsored. What a joke.

The whole "party congress" was dedicated to LTP; 5 out of the 9 pages of this guy's speech consisted of him railing against LTP; the rest were his theories on foreign powers wanting to bring Armenia down. I was sure he was talking about his own party, the same one who declared themselves above the state and above the law since they were an organization out to protect "national interests", but then he clarified that he actually meant Freedom House and NDI. I hope I'm not the only one who will be writing both organizations a letter informing them they are accused of plotting and sponsoring a coup d'etat.

antifa said...

Have you heard his speech in Radio Liberty? that was written and probably edited by somebody else.
You should have you heard his short Q&A with the journalists after the speech( again available in Radio Liberty May 21 , 16:30 edition).
Totally an uneducated rogue person. He doesnt even have the ability to put 2 words together.
What an idiot. Blinded by hatred and extreem fascism.
Where do they get their finances? of course from abroad.
The best way is to keep your kids, relatives and friends away from them. I hope they will never pass their 6-10% vote support.

garen said...


Anonymous said...

get your letters ready, folks.

Anonymous said...

I just heard the audio, too; he makes no sense.He says Levon dared to seize the "anglux" opposition, what was stopping HYD from being the leaders? What a lunatic. If you no longer question the legitimacy of the elections then... 6%. The people have spoken. Now crawl back to the hole (preferably in prison) that you came from.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

The ARF has completely lost the last shred of credibility they were clinging too. To claim that the ARF is the Protector of the National Interests of the Armenian people is not only ridiculous but points to the degree of self-illusion and deception that these people live with. The ARF throughout its pitiful history since the fall of the 1st Republic is rife with selling out to foreign powers. Revolutionary???Please forgive my mocking laughter...(Mher)

spm said...

Well, at least there is something to blame LTP. He was not correct in jailing them without possibility to defend themselves loudly. I think this guy would have done a great job on national TV defending himself in the court, rather than speaking as dictator's coalition sidekick. The strength of ARF is in their secrecy. Let them speak out their ideas, their plans and they are finished.