Saturday, May 10, 2008

A whole town on hunger strike.

The whole adult population of the small town Dzorakap has gone on hunger strike in support of political prisoners Mushegh Saghatelian and Shota Saghatelian. Dzorakap is a small town in the Shirak Marz and the population have been supportive of the Saghatelians who were born there. The Saghatelians, volunteer soldiers (ազատամարտիկ) in the Karabagh war, were arrested shortly after the violent dispersal of the peaceful protesters in Yerevan on March 1.

Their families have been subject to state terror since then.

In the picture - some of the hunger strikers near the St. Halivor Church in Dzorakap.


Anonymous said...

Dzorakap is amazing, they put themselves on the map by being one of the few locales without a single vote cast for Kocharian and for I think boycotting the constitution referendum.

I wish they didn't have to resort to such extreme measures as hunger strikes to get justice. Kocharyana-Serzha-Agvana-whatever the hell else regime deserves severe punishment just for their treatment of the Karabagh veterans. Shame on you, "gentlemen".

Anonymous said...

Dzorakap is really heroic. It makes many of us who are not able to voice our demands in any way feel shameful. I really hope they achieve their aims very soon.

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

I'd like to see someone try to propagate the myth of Armenian apathy after this.

Anonymous said...

Armen yo uare absiolutely right!

Before recently I thought that the people deserves to have the rulers it has,
now I'm sure the rulers don't deserve the people.

Anonymous said...

the regional protests is something very important, this is an absolutely new development,
since early 1990s almost all the oppositional activities were confined to the capital, with thee exception of the election campaigning in the regions.
If this development continues it will be a major step forward to formaiton of a normal society and state in Armenia

nazarian said...

The regions lack the political leadership that exists in the capital (even if the majority of that leadership is currently in jail). The opposition lacks the resources to organize events outside Yerevan so the grass roots efforts like this are essential. It also demonstrates people that they are the owners of their own destinies which goes way beyond the current political disagreements.

It's every single individual that is the owner of his/her destiny and should fight for his/her rights without relying on someone else to do it for him or her. (time to come down from my soap box...)