Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sobering words.

The US Department of State has released its annual report on democracy and human rights. The report about Armenia, as expected, is not good. Also, it turns out that the SS banditocracy has not been able to fool anyone even though they've been trying hard.

[...] U.S. officials exert constant diplomatic pressure to promote democracy and human rights-related goals with government officials, political parties, civil society, and media representatives at all levels. U.S. officials also regularly convey these messages through local media channels. U.S. officials have also repeatedly warned the government that MCC funding is contingent upon its progress in democratic practices and in meeting the MCC indicators. The United States continues to implement its three-year democracy promotion strategy, which focuses on enhancing the integrity of the country's electoral processes, including producing accurate voter lists, providing public information and voter education, developing a democratic political culture, building public opinion polling capacity, strengthening fair electoral adjudication, enhancing election monitoring capabilities, strengthening political parties, and increasing independent media coverage of elections. U.S.-sponsored public service announcements prior to the parliamentary elections informed voters and officials of the penalties for voter fraud contained in the new electoral code. The voter registry was updated, officials were provided extensive election administration training, local election observers were fielded in every polling station in the country, and an election hotline was established to provide legal advice to voters. [...]
The full report can be accessed here.

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