Thursday, July 31, 2008

Violent America.

Last night, at about 1 am or so, I wanted to have some pancakes. So I asked my wife if she would like to go to the nearest Denny's restaurant that serves pancakes at that hour (one of their shticks is "Real Breakfast 24/7"). She thought the idea was crazy and it's really unhealthy to eat at night especially a restaurant food (I was too lazy to make the pancakes on my own).

Well, it turns out that during the time we were discussing the merits of industrially made pancakes, the police were shooting someone in the parking lot of the restaurant I wanted to go. Two police patrols pulled over someone and thought he had a gun. So they opened fire and hit him twice. Usually when police open fire, the target dies. In this case we either they were not good shots or the race of the driver played a role (he is white). In any case, the victim is alive and in stable condition.

They did not find a gun.

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Anonymous said...

Одна девочка имела счастье. Счастье тоже в долгу не осталось. Сколько дерьма, аж в голове не укладывается! Чем выше интеллект, тем ниже поцелуи. Съешьте с утра живую жабу, и ничего худшего в этот день с Вами уже не случится. От знаний еще никто не умирал, но рисковать не стоит!