Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SS: no talks with the opposition.

Yesterday SS said that he would not engage in dialogue with the opposition. That effectively takes the option of 'talks' away from the table. And there are very few other alternatives to talks and all of them, that I can think of, are unpleasant.

Since September 21, 2007 the RK/SS regime has been tightening the bolts (գայկաները ձգել). What do they think their resources are for this? When you look, all the other dictatorships out there that tighten bolts either end up being overthrown (remember the Ciausescu execution) or their populations suffer in poverty.

I refuse to allow my compatriots suffer in such a manner. (edited the last sentence in order to avoid misinterpretation)


Ani said...

Apparently it's just easier to be a dictator:

“What is it that we should have a dialogue about? If people’s demand and goal is to achieve pre-term elections, what should we have a dialogue about? Is it about when to hold these elections? I am already tired of elections,” Sargsyan added. (from ArmeniaNow article)

tzitzernak said...

During the same conversation (from ani's comment), SS clarified that when he had said "dialogue," he meant "a dialogue with the people." In fact, he announced that his door is open, and that he is in his often from 9 am until late at night. I heard on Armenian radio that a number of people took him for his word and showed up at the Presidential building gates, ready for direct dialogue. The guards were not so pleased, and SS did not, in fact, have a dialogue with those people. What a surprise.

Christian Garbis said...

Hi, this is unrelated to the topic but can you revise the comment you left by removing that link? I would appreciate it very much, and I always value your comments.


Anonymous said...

"SS: no talks with the opposition."

and after paraphrasing

"SS: no talks with the radicals."

Anonymous said...

Why would any elected president waste time talking to people who do not even accept the basic principles of democracy:
the vote, a confirmation of the vote by the CEC, and finally by the courts?

Can't have the cake and eat it too:

Either it is an illegitimate government or not. in the former case, demonstrate, civil disobedience etc. in the latter, press for discussions and dialogue within the framework of the law.

This schizophrenia makes strategizing by the radical opposition very difficult and confusing to its would-be followers.

Anonymous said...

Nazaryan, Are you threatening the authorities? :) Your last two sentences back-2-back seem like a pretty tough threat.

tzitzernak said...

Anon 4:02 am - "Separate but equal" was created by the US Supreme Court as a justification for racial segregation. Decades later, the shame from that era, including such decisions by the Supreme Court, is haunting. The validation of the election by government bodies does not make us schizophrenic, it shows just how pervasive the corruption is/was. Just as racism was woven into the very fabric of US society, that it affected all three branches of the US government, all decisions, and actions.

Ani said...

Christian, were you talking to me? Not sure what you need, but here is the ArmeniaNow link (ArmeniaNow zonked out just as I was trying to put in the link yesterday):

Also there are variants of this on ArmeniaLiberty (Sarkisian Sees No Dialogue With Opposition) and A1plus (SERZH SARKISSIAN RULES OUT DIALOGUE)

nazarian said...

anonymous at 6:02

You are right. The last sentence was open to misinterpretation. I have since updated the post to avoid that.

spm said...

I am by no means a stalinist, but these two guys around old man did not deserve the company. Stalin was sick and evil, but whatever he did he didn't do to enrich himself. Yeah, the bodyguards killing well wisher in the restaurant toilet, may be.. I am not sure.

Anonymous said...

whatever satana did he didn't do to enrich himself

its better to be satanist rather than serzhantakan, am I right spm?

spm said...

anon at 8:22 AM I understand you want to take the discussion into a whole new level. I am sorry. I know nothing of heavens and hell. I don't think it matters on the Earth. I don't care. What I was saying is RK and SS are not company for Stalin. Stalin had idea, goal, and the goal was not becoming rich by himself. The idea was wrong and methods to reach the goal were horrible. But these two "gentlemen" on the picture surrounding him have no idea. All they care is to fill their own coffers. By any means. They can be pictured with Al Capone or similar bandits. That will be appropriate. Especially the one called Robik. Yeah...remember the toilet!

Anonymous said...

so spm

by your logic we can draw LTP in line with Stalin and Lenin and Hitler by the way: they were all popular, had idea, goals, and the goal was not to enrich themselves.

Hitler was also democratically elected.

we probably should ask nazarian to change the picture.