Monday, July 28, 2008

600 billion dollars.

That's how much two dozen eggs cost in Zimbabwe today. Yesterday they cost 375 billion dollars. A trillion dollars gets you two cans fo vegetables and a kilo of tomatoes. Needless to say, pretty much the only thing you can buy with money nowadays are perishable agricultural items.


reading_is_dangerous said...

That's so tragic, our stupidity. I mean that they should obviously cut the zeros and start from scratch, but there is of course another way to look at it: It's beautiful to be talking of billions of dollars when you're just buying eggs, and not weapon systems like they do in other countries, when they talk of hundreds of billions of dollars.

Nice find.

nazarian said...

Unless the root causes of the hyper inflation are addressed, no matter how many zeroes you remove, you will again arrive to this point.

And the root causes for the situation is the policy of Mugabe.