Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Paranoia in Azg.

I don't know why I read Azg anymore. It has become like the Daily Mail or some other tabloid. The paper is choke full of paranoia about the Freemasons, the Jewish people, the US, the EU, etc. It really gets tired.

I wish I could just ignore them but in order to keep my finger on the pulse of the events, I have to read it. Not the most pleasant task...

Here is the latest example of this paranoia.


Anonymous said...

This is not paranoia. I dont know if you live in North America or not, you seem to be unaware of the true nature of some American and European institutions. they were created to have control over their populations by dominant economic and political forces. also they were created to have control over the rest of the world.Dont forget the realities of the Western imperialist world against the third world poeples. Many Armenians from Armenia have a naive opinion about United States. they dont realize that US is not a democracy but a plutocracy. American plutocracy is the refined capitalist oligarchy of Armenia and Russia. wake up and see how the American hegemony is waging war against the third world peoples, in the name of security and democracy. Armenia`s current leadership is taking lessons from th East, from the West, as it suits them. Council of foreign relations and Rand corporation are known for their plans and designs of world domination, under the cover of fighting communism etc. the one world forces are circles of international capitalism: the globalist forces, who are trying to subdue poeples, countries, steal their natural sources. American people itself is being exploited by the same corporate should read People's history of the United states (by howard zinn) to know the true face of American false democracy and capitalism. America cannot be example for the rest of the world, and certainly not for Armenia. Wake up and see behind the curtains what is going on. one world leaders are not any different from soviet leaders in terms of methods, mentality and objectives. Armenia`s current corrupt and authoritarian leadership knows this very well. BTW, I am from Canada and have a better information aboit what is going on.

antifa said...

Is it the realArmenia newspaper? Only the telletubbies are missing.
I hope they will come up soon.