Thursday, September 04, 2008

The poor state of Armenian journalism.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who gets frustrated when reading articles in Armenian newspapers. The op-ed pieces are not identified and are served together with news pieces or other reports. There are also paid for stories that are not identified as such either.

When it comes to news items, they are mixed with the rhetoric of the journalists instead of simply reporting the facts. Even if the journalist's opinions are kept to a minimum, a vast majority of these articles fail the first paragraph test. The first paragraph, called 'the lead' is supposed to answer the questions "who?", "what?", "why?", "where?", "when?" and "how?". If they used a lead it would make the readers' lives so much easier.


Ani said...

Not to mention lack of proofreading (from today)

"Tigran Karapetyan doubts that Turkey is willing to join a new Eastern organization which will be established as an alternative to the European Union, and will include the countries of the Eurasian region. Tigran Karapetyan says for this purpose Tigran Karapetyan will secede from NATO."

Who knew????

nazarian said...