Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Geriatric Old Party.

Was watching the Bush speech at the GOP convention. He was visibly hurt that they did not let him address the crowd in person. I actually felt sorry for him - locked away in the White House, everybody avoiding him like the plague.

Even his jokes fell flat.


Ani said...

Special lookalikes:

Cindy McCain, playing would-be First Lady at Republican Convention

Miranda Richardson, playing would-be First Lady/Monsteress in "Southland Tales"

--Hasn't she ever seen a vampire movie???

nazarian said...


Ani said...

Now that I think about it, triple lookalike:

spm said...

"Sending" Dick Cheney to Georgia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan at this moment is a bad joke. Nazarian, you probably was referring not to that joke, but these guys shouldn't be laughed at, they must be tried as war criminals and for crimes against humanity. If democrats capturing President, Senate and Congress do not do that, then very important opportunity to make this world a better place will be lost.

Ani said...

Interesting that not only is Cheney bypassing Armenia physically, his statements suggest that he cannot actually mention the country by name either. He had a rather twisted statement that mentioned everybody else by name along with "all the other countries of the Caucasus." So now, apparently, current U.S. policy is not only not to say the words "Armenian genocide" but also the word "Armenia."