Saturday, September 27, 2008

No time to update the blog.

Unfortunately, I haven't been updating the blog during the last couple of days. There are a few interesting things happening in Armenia. The most notable was Serj Sargsian's interview with the Azeri service of the BBC where he says that he has urged Ilham Aliyev to make investments in NKR so that the Armenians there vote for re-entering the state of Azerbaijan and NKR becoming a land without Armenians.

The other interesting event was the Police Chief of Armenia saying that he doesn't care about the Constitution and to him, all the gatherings by the opposition minded people should be forcibly suppressed.

Nothing new, I guess. We knew about the degree of the intellectual capacity of SS and we knew about the mindset of the ment of Armenia.

As an apology for my tardiness, here is a video of the AGBU chief meeting SS. Enjoy.


emma said...

Please, guys, come on, cover the mentioned two events, I am not very politically-minded, so I earnestly need your comments to understand what is what.

Քաղաքացի said...

Pastoren es apushy amen angam senc datark baneric a xosum, vor handipumner a unenum. Yerb ekaq, vonc eq dzez zgum, dzuky dzer mot qanis a :)

emma said...

One more request. Does anyone know who is the author of SS's speeches to be made abroad and, why not, even in Yerevan. said...

They share at least two common things:
1. both of them are holding their positions illegitimately
2. both of them are corrupt.

You know about SS but you might not know about the Sedrakian character. He is not elected to his position according to the AGBU constitution,- he is appointed. His dealings with donations are shady and he is corrupt ( he lost at least one court case involving misappropriation of funds).
He is not serving one of the main principles of AGBU that is Hayabahbanum an example is the closure of many Armenian AGBU schools in different Armenian communities. One of them is the illegal closure of Melkonian Educational Institution.
Instead, on the expense of Melkonian they plan to build an Elite school in Yerevan and we know for whom and how the money will be wasted.

Anonymous said...

Vonts vor dprotsakan tsuylik erekha lini um kanchum en gratakhtaki mot. Es inch vichak a.
En myus avazakn el iran hreshtaki tegh a drel. hay azg, mer npatakner bayts dranits arach asum a Dzer yerkir@, Dzer yeghanak@. Mer u dzer@ vorn a? Te arden sepakan kalvatskneri masin ek khosum?

Ani said...

Give Nazarian some slack, guys. He's got to fix the entire banking system of the United States by Monday...

emma said...

I woud like to ask Savemelkonian. org the following question, "Who or what institution or council or whatever, is authorized to control, direct, revise the activity of AGBU and the ill-famed Sedrakian". I know AGBU is a proponent of the present system (Armeian) and have wondered who is behind this policy. If the world bank can get involved in deals with the immoral Armenian regime, then AGBU may find Sedrakian's deals quite natural.

savemelkonian said...

I am afraid there is no organization that can oversee the AGBU Central board. The only way is to stop donations and this was happened after Melkonian situation. Many and many people dont donate to AGBU.
The AGBU itself takes an important place in Armenian history. It has done some great things. However all went wrong when AGBU CB was appointed and not elected, members who opposed it were either forced to resign from their positions, resigned in protest or their memberships were not renewed. So many preferred to keep silence or to go with it. Some schools, projects were shut down and finally it came to Melkonian simply because the property is worth over 80 million USD. The Alumni protested and started a fight, AGBU CB continually lied to us. We offered our support to save the school. They didnt even meet us. One thing for sure nothing would change their slimy plans. No proper explanations were given. They want to simply move all their operations to Armenia and siphon out the money. We managed to save the school from sales. It is closed but the property is not sold.
The whole situation is interlinked with the corrupt Armenian regime and with Catholics.
This became very visible after March 1st. Now people can clearly judge that who is who.
The only way to stop this situation is to have fundamental changes that is, establish democracy in Armenia.

parisan said...

// he has urged Ilham Aliyev to make investments in NKR so that the Armenians there vote for re-entering the state of Azerbaijan and NKR becoming a land without Armenians.//

Could he be a Turk? Imagine he was one of many Turks who's secret mission was to try and get their hands on the Armenian presidency?

This is not the first time this thought comes to my mind. Could he be a Turk?

Haik said...

Somebody told it to me before but I objected it. Considering that he worked with Kevorkov this can be a possibilities. Who would work with Kevorkov?

Armen Filadelfiatsi said...

Taking vapid conversation to a whole new level: Serj and the "C.E.O." of the AGBU.

It's a pity; I've always like the AGBU magazine.

emma said...

Thanks Savemelkonyan. My great grandmother was a graduate of Melkonyan. I really feel pain. You say "establish democracy in Armenia". I believe you are right that this is another way to save Melkonian. But you see what is happening here, it's so difficult, we are doing our best, but without much success as you see.
As to Serjik's origin, if I understood it right, there are hints in Vahagn Ghukasyan's blog that being a KGB member, he was involved in instigating the Karabagh war in 1988, I mean it was a planned war.
To my mind, Turks will be insulted at your remarks of SS's Turkish descent.

Ani said...

Regarding "interesting" things happening in Armenia, someone has got to talk about the "piglets"...