Thursday, September 04, 2008

Child abuse at the GOP convention.

As we all now know, Sarah Palin, the VP choice for McCain, has a four month old child that has Down Syndrome.

Yesterday this child was being used for publicity purposes at the convention.

First of all, why was a little kid in such a noisy environment, with people chanting 'USA, USA' and stuff, at that late hour? Down Syndrome children can have multitudes of health problems and it is unfair for them to be exploited in such a way. The kid should have been in a quiet hotel room, not at a convention.

The second issue was the handling of the child. Initially, the pregnant teen daughter of Palin was holding the kid (I don't know their names) and she was holding him well. As the things heated up, McCain's wife started holding the child and she did not support his head. The head was thrown back as if about to snap.

Then things got worse. They gave the child to Palin's 5 year old daughter as they thought that it probably looked cuter on TV. The five year old was holding the child better than Nancy McCain but she was poking into the soft spot of the child's head. And then at some point she spat on the kid's head and combed his hair with hand. And then she wetted her fingers and started poking into the kid's eye.

Poor child.


Haik said...

Wow. Is that a sadist family or what? ... or maybe just plain redneck.

nazarian said...

It was quite bad.

Ani said...

Not a red-neck family, Haik, a Republican one, where committment to pro-life ends at birth. After that, children are simply props.

Bruce Tasker said...

The question now is, who's child is it, Sarah's, or Bristol's

This link is one of hundreds that are already asking that and many other questions:

Vetting Sarah Palin

Bruce Tasker said...

Bruce Tasker said...

The link did not copy fully. Maybe this is better:

Ani said...

Power of bloggers, for better or for worse. The Sarah Palin for VP initiative was launched 17 months ago by a college student who still lives at home--he was on the Colbert Report last night.

Thought McCain didn't know how to use the Internet....

P.S.: Bruce, try the thing for those long links