Friday, February 22, 2008

Vazgen Manukian speaks out.

Vazgen Manukian has spoken about the disgusting conduct of the incumbent force in the presidential elections last Sunday. And he sounds like an old fart that does only one thing - complain.

This man has unjustly been thrown in the dustbin of the Armenian politics and he is very bitter about it. But he can blame himself for that.

He needs an image overhaul. Nobody wants to hear so many complaints and naggings. What Vazgen Manukian needs to do is either:
- create a think tank and get busy with situation analysis and actually contribute to the Armenian nation; or
- retire.


Haik said...
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Haik said...

Well he is not even capable to do analysis. His latest analysis was within these lines:

Armenia benefits from the Karabakh conflict as it makes Armenia an important country in world politics.
But it also doesnt benefit us because there is a threat of war.

So what did he wanted to say, dont solve the conflict for the sack of being important but live under the constant threat of war?

I understand that why he didnt join Levon but he had been given the chance many months ago to do what Levon is doing now but he turned it down because he has personal problems with few people. In politics and teamwork, you should put your personal issues aside for the main goal. Otherwise you better chose a specialty where you dont deal with people, for example he can go back to physics and do a research.