Monday, February 18, 2008

Can't wait till the elections are over in Armenia.

I'm normally not very passionate about politics; I care about economics and normally would not care much who the policy makers are as long as these policies are valid in my view.

But we all know that in reality a lot depends on the person, or the party, of the policy maker so I get dragged into the cesspool of politics as an interested party, and sometimes an overly enthusiastic participant. Not only the economic policies of the Armenian government matters for economic development but their compliance with the laws and enforcement inside the country, and their foreign relations are fundamental if Armenia wants to be a part of the developed world instead of languishing among the third world countries. I worry about the military expenditures by the government but as a hawk I am all for a strong and aggressive policy there. The military may take precious funds away from the investment in the economy but otherwise there wouldn't be an economy to speak of.

I just hope that we have a normal president after the elections and I believe that it should be Levon Ter-Petrosian. While I agree with the economic policy fundamentals of the Kocharian administration, its implementation leaves much to be desired. That is why I would not want the incumbent force like Serj Sargsian, and in a lesser extent, Vahan Hovhanisian, as a president. I also think that the foreign policy of the Kocharian administration has been a disaster, and the enforcement of the law and order is a joke with the corruption that is deeply rooted in the government and society. And by corruption I do not mean only bribery but the corruption of the moral fabric of the society itself.

An acceptable choice for me would also be Vazgen Manukian who has proven to be a decent libertarian but he does not have a team - his team is Arshak Sadoyan or Shavarsh Kocharian - both of them proven windbags. A distant third would be Artur Baghdasarian even though I believe he is a populist and an opportunist and is similarly corrupt as the incumbent forces.


Anna said...

Even Shavarsh Kocharian and Arshak Sadoyan are not team members of Vazgen Manoukian for a long time already. Arshak Sadoyan is an honest man although weak; Shavarsh Khocharian is almost an opportunist and by no means a thinker.

Vazgen Manoukian has always been my president so to speak. But he is not a 1st leader in my opinioun. He has been the only genuine opposition all these years. I hope, after Ter-Petrossian wins, in less than a day now:), it would be really good if Manoukian becomes his team since he is a very good organiser and implementer, and it would be a real loss for us if he does not.

Anna said...

And about Artur Baghdasarian, I strongly disagree with him being of any choice at any place: he is a disgrace of humankind and can be much more dangerouse than one can imagine: he has no moral values whatsoever.

nazarian said...


Serj is a good organizer and a team leader. But he is on a tsekhavik level... My point is that a good organizer and implementer is really not enough to lead a country. One needs to be a visionary, too.

Anonymous said...


Sorry, but there must be a misunderstanding: i did not mention serj at all... he does not deserve any commentary...
and i see your point.