Saturday, February 09, 2008

The quote of the day.

"I'll return you your liberty and restore your constitutional rights",- Vahan Hovhannissian, an ARF presidential candidate at a recent rally.

The funny thing is that ARF, and Vahan Hovhannissian, have been part of the government for the last 10 years!

Does he admit that he and his party have taken the liberties and rights away from the Armenian citizens?

I have to admit that ARF is in a strange situation. They are part of the government but they criticize it by which they criticize themsselves. If they don't like it, why are they still part of the ruling coalition in the parliament and why do they hold a number of ministerial positions? They have zero credibility in what they say and the voters realize that.


Onnik Krikorian said...

No, he says that those rights were taken away under Levon and that the system today is merely a continuation.

However, your point about being part of the authorities is appropriate and it's about time they chose to be in government or in opposition.

After Hovannisian's rhetoric on the campaign trail one supposes he's going to look q little hypocritical if he doesn't take the party into opposition if Serge wins.

Of course, if Levon wins one supposes they'll definitely be in opposition.

H said...

Never forget that they are Neo Nazis. They will do whatever possible to get into the government for their agenda that is, "make Armenians the supreme nation in the world".
Such a political party should not be banned but should be ignored as nothing good would come of it like nathing good came of Hitler.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Well, you know, while I do agree with the remark implying a comparison with the Nazis on the basis of the Nationalist-Socialist component of their agenda, I do find Dashnaks the most democratic of Armenians I've met so far.

That might not be saying much, and although I do believe that relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan should be normalized, I always find Dashnaks the most reasoned of people to talk politics with.

Actually, if I were an Armenian citizen I would probably vote for Vahan Hovannisian were it not for the nationalist component as it relates to Turkey and Azerbaijan.

Actually, it's not so much Genocide recognition which I consider to be something that doesn't affect the country so much given the Diaspora's ability to take this issue up and the fact that Turkey will have to come to terms with its own history but more its position non Karabakh.

Basically, I believe concessions have to made with Azerbaijan in exchange for independence for Karabakh and regional integration and open borders.

Apart from that, I find them quite liberal actually, and certainly the most down to earth of guys here and in the Diaspora.

Onnik Krikorian said...

Ironically, it is precisely in the area of foreign politics and international relations that I would consider voting for Levon if I were a citizen.

However, it is the fact that democratically I see nothing on offer that would prevent me. Ultimately, if I were an Armenian citizen I wouldn't vote or I'd vote against all.

Actually, I'd like to vote for Vazgen Manukian but wouldn't on the same basis as I wouldn't vote for the Liberal Democrats in the UK. A much needed voice of reason, but never standing a chance.

That's probably why I don't vote in UK elections either.