Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh-oh, I might get fined.

Under the Cypriot law, it is mandatory for a citizen (dual or not) to participate in the elections. I was among those who did not - you can cast a vote only in Cyprus so I had to travel over there in order to vote. The penalty for not voting is about USD400 (342 Euros).

I don't know if the embassy will be sending the fine to me or whether I will be prosecuted when I cross the border into Cyprus. The last time I went there, I did not raise any red flags at the border.

More on this here.

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h said...

Are you registered to vote i.e do you have a voter card? If not then I guess you will not be fined.
over 30% of cypriots live abroad and my guess is the majority of them didnt vote. The ones who fly is because the political parties book chartered flights for them for free.
There should be some logical exceptions. Cyprus law is quite fair and logical.