Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Twentieth anniversary of the Gharabagh Movement.

Twenty years ago today the population of Armenia rose to free Gharabagh from the oppression of the Azeris.

Today, the Gharabagh clan steals the presidential elections the third time in ten years in order to maintain their grip on Armenia.

One starts to think that this whole Gharabagh thing was a mistake.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Nazarian,
You do go overboard with an emotional outburst like that.
Stating "the liberation from a turkic nation, a part of historical Armenia, a fault"? WOW...
We don't need outside enemies, we have you!
Or is it "Ayradz serdi mekhitarank"? This I understand.

nazarian said...

A sober mind knows that liberating Gharabagh and the surrounding lands was not a mistake. If you ask me, more territories should have been liberated, including Gandzak and the Flatland Gharabagh.

The mistake was to bring over these two Gharabagtsis to Armenia. They should have been discarded as soon as the war operations were over. I can understand the case for SS - he was a good organizer.

But the only reason Kocharian was kept in power was to counter-balance the Dashnaks in Gharabagh. So he is the product of the anti-Dashnak paranoia of HHSh at the time.

Anonymous said...

We are a pitiful nation...
Playing yet again, who came from which village to warrent allegience.
Have we not yet learned that our enemies DID NOT DIFFRENTIATE which Armenian they were massacring and deporting?????

nazarian said...

Which village you are from doesn't really matter. Do I think that these two were able to take the dignity away from the Armenian citizens by themselves? Obviously not - they've had a lot of help from a lot of people during these last 12 years..

It's just that they are obvious targets and unfortunately drag the reputation of Gharabaghtsi down. They deploying Gharabagh military in Yerevan doesn't help the matters either.

Mikemur said...

I'm not sure what exactly you prefer in other candidates over them. Regarding corruption all of them are the same. And it will always be that way until people start defending their rights and changing the political system, which should be and can be done under any presidency. I haven’t seen anyone from these candidates doing anything for that matter. Right now it is only a fight between different groups to have control over taxpayer’s and foreign donor’s money.
Also I think we should relay more on Russia then on the west. Every time we have chosen otherwise we've lost. Normal relation with our neighbors should be backed up with strong army and economy. Otherwise it is just a wishful thinking.
Also I don’t like that some individuals call the current government as a Kharabagh clan. This is a dirty trick to divide and control people. If they are a clan they should’ve been called Serj’s or Robert’s clan. This naming shows the political stupidity of the authors.
And this also causes some logical thinkers to come to such conclusions as your post. If these guys were from Abaran should’ve we gave Abaran to azeries as well. Think before talking.
My grand parents were norekogh and I’ve seen enough morons from both sides causing hatred between ordinary people and I don’t want the same story happening again.

nazarian said...

Mikemur, the division of the Armenians into Gharabagh clan and the rest is on the shoulders of Robert Kocharian. It is he who is responsible for that and if you want to point fingers, you should point your finger at him...