Monday, February 11, 2008

A tourist in the provinces of China.

Even though the major cities in China have become places resembling the free world, the provinces remain outposts of the old communist ideology. Smaller cities in the provinces may look like they are moving towards liberty and free markets but deep inside they are still closely linked to the past.

As a tourist in such a small city of Changchun (population 9 million) in the Jilin province, I as taken on a sightseeing tour. Either they lacked cultural places or they thought that this would be a great opportunity for a little brainwashing the Americans. The moment we stepped in the bus, the main topic was how bad the Japanese were. Changchun was the capital of Manchuria during the Japanese occupation and they still have hard feelings about it. So mos of the tour was preoccupied about the tales of treachery of the Japanese and the abuses the Chinese had to endure while under their control. It's truly mind numbing.

I wonder if our tales of our torture and murder by the Turks has the same effect on the foreigners. But the Jewish people seem to get away with it any story about the WW2 at least mentions the Holocaust.


Archuk Arshakuni said...

China is a funny place to go.I was there last year and I'm going again next month. Imagine my surprise at meeting Armenians in China, that's both hayastanci and spyurqahay! So far,in every single country I've ever been to, I've met Armenians. So few,yet all around the place!

nazarian said...

Yeah, we stick out like a sore thumb with our large noses. Even the Europeans seem to have giant noses in China :)