Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Haylur propaganda item: Kocharian interview.

The head of the banditocracy slings mud, issues threats, spreads misinformation yet again and says that he himself was not elected legitimately. He carefully avoids using the word 'Liberty Square' and refers to it with its Soviet name: 'Theater Square'.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Nazarian,
Your comment sounds like a paid out anti current government propaganda.
In what way are your posts different to pro regime outputs?

nazarian said...

anonymous, do you think I like writing all this stuff and sounding like a paid anti-regime propaganda.

I wish so much that there was no need for this. Imagine Armenia that is not a regime. An Armenia where the candidates are not illegal, they don't use the taxpayers money to get elected, do not distribute bribes to get votes. Imagine a government that does not assault anyone opposing them, has left the courts to be independent, is for rule of law and order, and most importantly, is chosen by the people.

Even Pakistan, what I consider a failed state, can have freer and fairer elections. Go figure.

Anonymous said...

Being idealistic is good.
But I humbly suggest that you stop dreaming of utopia.
Pakistan indeed...I can not have chosen a worst case example of corrupted politics!
...The US that presumes to lead the world in so called democratic rules, has a record of the most corrupt regime ever, as far as the use of the tax payers monies (wasted/usurped)are concerned.
The reality is, like our neighbours,our regimes will be what they are as the situations dictate today!
If you must citicise our governments, do so without creating an atmosphere of beligerance that will lead the nation to civil war and suicide!
Our enemies are joyful that we are again goading each other to death!

nazarian said...

Anonymous, I am not going to stand back and not criticize the government when they break the laws. You cannot stick labels on me - if you are concerned about the enemies being joyful, address the entity at fault: the government.

Anna said...

I find it interesting that instead of being glad that we have an alternative source of information albeit critical, we are once again accusing each other of being spies and paid propagandists, Armenians against Armenians, are we EVER going to change????!

Anonymous said...

This videos are so fucking lame! And that is such a pity that there are some jerks out there in our nation, who belive to all this damn shit thrown to their faces!