Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Looks like the elections in Armenia are worse than ever before.

I keep reading reports of ballot stuffing, vote buying, voter intimidation. But the most alarming is the violence against the members of the electoral committees that belong to the opposition including assault and in case of the town of Abovian, kidnap. In that town the Levon Ter-Petrosian representatives have been kidnapped allegedly by the Gagik Tsarukian's security guards.

UPDATE 1: Exit polls indicate that LTP has gathered 54% of the vote thus winning in the first round. SS was a distant second with 24% of the votes. The consensus in LiveJournal is that this is a representative of the voter mood. http://elections.a1plus.am/news/353/

At the same time, another exit poll indicates that SS has won 57% of the votes. The consensus in the LiveJournal is that it's untrustworthy and the organization conducting the polls, Populus, uses face control for choosing respondents. That would be a big no-no in statistical survey. http://elections.a1plus.am/news/360/


Haik said...

You can read the full list of today’s falsifications compiled by LTP Office here:

B said...


Found your blog by pure chance while I was surfing the net trying to find political campaign posters and slogans of current elections worldwide. Any idea where I could find any?

It is quite good, your blog, and thus I added you to my blogroll. One never knows how many mexicans might be needing info right away about Armenia.:)

In mine I write about current and national events, plus political campaigns.

Best wishes from Mexico,

nazarian said...

b, You can find some of the campaign posters for Levon Ter-Petrosian here: