Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Mass arrests in Armenia, Republic Square closed.

The state has started arresting rank and file oppositionists en-masse. They have also started conducting searches in the homes of the azatamartik - the veterans of the Karabakh War.

They also organized a rally in the Republic Square in support of Serj Sargsian. The state employees were required to attend and the traffic through the square was closed off. I wonder when they are going to arrest the organizers for 'obstructing the flow of traffic'. :)

Ironically, after the Serj rally the participants went to the opposition protests at teh Liberty Square thus swelling the numbers present there. The LiveJournal community is now making fun of the stupidity of the regime.

Also it is worth to note that the emergency services have started denying medical aid to the protesters on hunger strike at Liberty Square. I wonder if it's in violation of UN human rights or an Armenian law but I know that it's immoral for sure.