Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Heritage is with LTP.

The Zharangutyun party and its leader Raffi Hovhannisian have endorsed Levon Ter-Petrosian's candidacy. This is a welcome development as it will provide more chances of progress after LTP is elected.

I predict that the rats will start leaving Serj Sargsian's sinking ship in the coming few days. I am partial whether they should be accepted as supporters of LTP. Some of these characters were the ones who left LTP's sinking ship in 1998 to Vazgen Sargsian's HHK party.


Onnik Krikorian said...

Of more concern to me is that some of these guys are thugs who should be locked up, but anyway.

nazarian said...

You are absolutely right. But all in its due time, I guess.

Anonymous said...

LTP never had the power and the strong will to control people under his command. During the war, in spite of being president, he was not the one giving orders and the country was robbed very quickly thanks to his inability to control his subordinates' appetites and to punish lawbrakers.What's going to be differet now?

nazarian said...

I guess he tried a decentralized form of governance after getting rid of the centralized government of the Soviet era. The result was not as rosy as one would have wanted with the defense minister wielding too much power.

One thinks that Armenia will never be able to be a country with a flatter organizational chart with more decision making delegated to the lower layers.