Thursday, February 21, 2008

Open-ended sit-ins in Yerevan.

  • The opposition has started an open-ended sit-in demanding the annulment of the election results and brand new elections. Levon Ter-Petrosian has called on the students to start a strike and join the protests at the Liberty Square.
  • Two assistants to the Defense Minister have declared that they are not going to use the army against the civilians, and that they are with the candidate who has won the people's vote and trust.
  • In the electoral district 9/31 in central Yerevan, the recount of the ballots has revealed gross violations of basic math. Here is what was revealed:
Serj Sargsian - reported votes: 709, real votes: 395. Difference: +314
Levon Ter-Petrosian - reported votes: 376, real votes: 392. Difference: -16
Artur Baghdasarian - reported votes: 134, real votes: 184. Difference: -50
Vahan Hovhannisian - reported votes: 3, real votes: 120. Difference: -117
Vazgen Manukian - reported votes: 0, real votes: 57. Difference: -57
Arman Meliqian - reported votes: 0, real votes: 6. Difference: -6
Tigran Karapetian - reported votes: 11, real votes: 22. Difference: -11
Artashes Geghamian - reported votes: 6, real votes: 7. Difference: -1
Aram Harutyunian - reported votes: 0, real votes: 1. Difference: -1
And this is central Yerevan within the attention of the observers and such; yet look at the gross over-reporting of the SS votes. And this is after the electoral bribes and ballot stuffing.


Paul said...

In the face of incidences like this I can't believe the number of international figures who have stood up to congratulate these elections as mostly free and fair.

nazarian said...

I'm not surprised. These international observers have done such things in the past and have basically discredited themselves in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

LTP is lying.Yerkrapah confirmed that indeed Manvel and Gagik want to stand by the president which was elected by the people.And his name is Serge Sargsyan. Both have already congratulated him.
More confirmation of this tomorrow in the press.