Saturday, February 23, 2008

Gagik Jahangirian kidnapped.

There are reports that Gagik Jahangirian, a prosecutor fired yesterday for supporting free and fair elections, has been kidnapped together with his brother, an aide and the driver of the car on the Ejmiatzin-Yerevan highway.

Things are starting to get ugly as the RK-SS duo are upping the intimidation of the citizens. I am surprised they haven't started arresting people on trumped up charges as has been their practice in the last 10 years.

UPDATE: Radio Liberty has more details on the Jahangirian and other arrests.


Anonymous said...

He hasn't been kidnapped. News reports clearly stated that he has been arrested for treason.

nazarian said...

I'll look into it. The word is that he, and his company, have been kidnapped. I wonder why he would be arrested for treason but the Armenian prosecutors have historically been creative in the area of false charges.

hp said...

They were stopped and arrested which means kidnapped as it was illegal. They should have a warrent to stop and search them.

nazarian said...

Looks like the Nor Jamanakner party chairman Aram Karapetian has been arrested as well.