Monday, November 24, 2008


The Armenian government has admitted that there was a sniper amidst the policemen who has shot at the civilians. So far they have admitted of one sniper and one shot - they had been denying this since March 1 bloodbath when they killed at least 8 civilians on the streets of Yerevan.

The photo on the left is of a civilian man shot in the head in Yerevan.


tzitzernak2 said...

They admitted a shot was fired by the sniper?

nazarian said...

Yes. They have not admitted yet that they have killed anyone. So far, there has not been any admission of the killings. No one has been implicated in the murders - they tried hard to pin it on the opposition but nothing sticks to the 87 people currently in prison or on trial. That's why they are considered to be political prisoners since they are imprisoned for political reasons and on made up charges. None of the real criminals have been brought to justice.

Even the members of the Serj Sargsian team who looted the stores and were later brought to court were let go. So, basically, we have had no one convicted of any of the crimes they committed on March 1. I don't know if a police officer or a soldier can be convicted for killing or assaulting an innocent civilian. As far as I know, if you get an order that you think violates the law, you can refuse to carry it. If you follow it then you can be convicted for the crime. But there are reports that the soldier and the policeman who died on march 1 were executed by their superior officers for refusing to carry out the orders to attack the civilians. So the police and soldiers who shot at people may have acted under duress which is an acceptable defence.

That is probably the reason why we don't see any revelation of who actually carried out the shootings.