Sunday, November 09, 2008

Hatspanian Arrested.

The bizarre law enforcement traditions of Armenia continue. As you remember, a few days ago I wrote about the interview Sargis Hatspanian had given to Haykakan Zhamanak about the plans about the impending assassination of S.S.

Now Mr. Hatspanian has been arrested. It looks like the Armenian law enforcement is taking the interview seriously. I cannot understand the logic of Mr. Hatspanian's arrest but as in the majority of the things the Armenian officials do, their actions do not fit in the realm of logic or reason.

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Ani said...

From Eurasian Secret Services review:

Armenia’s National Security Service arrested French national on false evidence charge
Sarkis Hatspanyan, who set up permanent residence in Armenia in the 1990s, was arrested late last week by the National Security Service of Armenia in connection with his earlier interview with an opposition daily in which he claimed the head of state was a target of an imminent assassination attempt, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty Armenian service reports. Hatspanyan, a citizen of France of Armenian origin who actively participated in this year’s post-election rallies in Yerevan and faced deportation last month is now facing up to five years in jail on false evidence charges, according to his lawyer.
National Security Service of Armenia has brought a criminal case on the basis of the publication in Haykakan Zhamanak on the hallmarks of a penal code article dealing with attempted assassinations of state officials. But as Hatspanian’s lawyer said, apparently finding no sufficient evidence to back up the claim, the investigation body decided to open a case against the oppositionist on the charge of giving false evidence. It emerged yesterday that a court had placed the French citizen in custody for two months pending investigation, RFE/RL Armenian service notes.
Hatspanyan, a critic of Armenia’s current leadership, publicly backed former President Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s bid to return to power, participating in massive anti-government demonstrations held in the wake of last February’s presidential election.