Thursday, November 06, 2008


Now that we have resolved all the problems facing the country, the entertainment media have focused their attention to the next dog in the White House.

It is an unofficial tradition for the President and the first family to get a dog as a pet. The dog then becomes a fixture on TV screens for a few days after arriving at the White House. The Clintons had a cat named Socks in addition to a dog. Socks (pictured here), currently lives in California. Buddy, the First Dog, unfortunately, was run over by a car.

So, what is going to be the next First Pet? If it was me, I would get a raccoon as a pet. But since it's a highly visible post, I think the Obamas will get a dog. They will probably rescue a puppy from a Humane Society shelter and the puppy will be chosen by their little girls.

As an animal lover, I couldn't resist to write this post.


Haik said...

Obama in his speech said that it will be a puppy; a gift to his daughters for being so patient during the campaign.

nazarian said...

:) I had forgotten about it.

So, what kind of a puppy is it going to be? A yellow retriever or a dalmatian?

We will know in 2 months.

nazarian said...

BTW, the current First Pet bit a reporter at the White House the other day.